Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chapter 9 "On To The Next One"

After retrieving the things she needed from her vehicle, Jada jumped back into Jade’s car and dialed Supreme to let her know she was on her way. Supreme answered her phone and conversed with Jada for about a minute and hung up. She turned to Holiday and said “Jada is on her way. We’ll finish this discussion at a later date.” Holiday just looked at her without saying another word. Supreme walked out the front door and left Holiday inside to think. Soon she saw Jada pull up and park the car in front of the house. She watched as Jada jumped out of the car and started walking towards her with a huge smile on her face. “What are you so happy about?” Supreme asked her as she collected her into a hug. “I’m just happy that my best friend is going to be ok,” she replied as she snuggled into Supreme’s chest. Placing her chin on top of Jada’s head, she said, “I have a surprise for you.”

Jada pulled back to look into Supreme’s eyes. “Oh really? What kind of surprise?” Supreme could see the twinkle in Jada’s eyes, and she knew she was definitely excited to find out what she had planned. She lifted Jada’s hand and softly caressed her cheek. “I want to take you away for the weekend. I won’t tell you where because that will ruin the surprise.” Jada had a shocked look on her face. “Take me away for the weekend? I would love to! But if you don’t tell me where we’re going, how am I going know what to pack?” she asked with confusion. “I don’t want you to pack anything. Whatever you put on Friday morning is all you’re going to bring with you. I’m gonna pick you up at six in the morning and I’ll take care of everything,” Supreme responded with confidence. Jada couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A weekend getaway with someone she really liked, plus, she didn’t have to pay for or worry about anything the whole trip.

It almost sounded too good to be true. “What’s the catch?” Jada asked with suspicion. That made Supreme laugh. “There is no catch. You can either say yes or no. Either way I wouldn’t be too disappointed.” She tried her best to give Jada her puppy dog eyes. “I would love to go away with you for the weekend.” Jada said with a huge smile. Supreme grinned, took her other hand, and looked Jada straight in her eyes. “You won’t regret this decision. This will be a weekend you will never forget.” After confirming their plans for that Friday, they said goodbye to each other and Jada watched as Supreme got into her car and drove off. She couldn’t help but smile and shake her head in disbelief. A weekend with a very mysterious woman who she barely knew. This was definitely going to be a wild adventure and she couldn’t wait. Jada walked in the house to find Holiday laid out on the couch fast asleep.

Walking over to her, she leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. She went and grabbed a thin blanket from the linen closet and spread it over her to keep her warm. Making sure everything was securely closed and locked, Jada walked to her room, closed the door, and collapsed into a fit of giggles on her bed. Things were looking up for her these days and she was thrilled about it.

On the other side of town Jade, Stoney and Kayron sat in a 1965 Cadillac Deville discussing their plans for the night. Jade finally received the call they were all waiting on. She informed her team about the series of hits they were hired to do earlier that day. Tonight they had plans to execute the first hit on a dealer named Billie Devine. Billie was a young kid out of Massachusetts who came to New York to expand his empire. Although he was only twenty-two, he had more money than most of his competition. Jade began to speak. “Listen, we have to be extremely careful with this kid tonight. He’s young, but he’s very careful because he’s not from here. The dude who hired us approached him to make a deal and unite. Obviously, Billie denied the opportunity. Therefore, he has to be eliminated.” Jada stared at her only two friends to make sure they understand her.

“All we have to do is wait for our signal. I made a deal with one of his workers who he treats like a flunky. It took a few thousand but he was more than willing to help us out. Billie shot him a few weeks back just to impress a girl.” Stoney had already planted the bomb under Billie’s Aston Martin Vanquish. The signal was a call from the worker to let them know Billie was on his way out. Once he entered the vehicle they would follow him to his house and blow the vehicle up there. The reason they were waiting until he got home was because they wanted his stash. The worker exposed the whole operation so they knew where Billie kept everything. They knew they only had a few minutes after the explosion so they had to move fast. The worker, who’s name was Khalil, gave Jade a copy of the key to the basement of Billie’s home. All they had to do was go around back and grab all the money they could carry.

The phone rang and Jade picked up. She didn’t say anything; she just hung up, turned to her friends and gave them a slight nod letting them know it was time. Billie exited the club at exactly two am and jumped in his vehicle. To their surprise, he was alone. They watched as he started to drive off and Jade waited a few seconds before following behind him. Nothing could be heard inside of the car except heavy breathing coming from all three of the contract killers. Each was in their own thoughts as they drove two cars behind Billie on the freeway. After driving for almost half an hour, they saw Billie’s signal light come on, indicating he was getting off at the next exit. Making sure to stay close behind him, Jade followed him off the exit. Driving for another twenty minutes, they finally watched as he started to slow down in front of a grand standing house.

"He must be making serious bread if he got a house like this out in the cut," Jade thought to herself as she parked her car on the opposite side of the street. Kayron quickly went into his bag that was in his lap and pulled out the detonator that would blow up Billie’s car. Looking up, he waited until he received his signal from Jade before pressing the button. Jade watched as Billie seemed to have a deep conversation on his cell phone. Turning back to look at Kayron, she winked at him and watched as Kayron pressed the button. They all hurriedly looked out the window so they wouldn’t miss the beautiful explosion only seconds away. Nothing happened. With a confused look on his face, Kayron pressed the button again and still nothing happened. With looks of rage on each of their faces, they all watched as Billie ended his conversation and opened his car door.


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