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Chapter 9 "On To The Next One"

After retrieving the things she needed from her vehicle, Jada jumped back into Jade’s car and dialed Supreme to let her know she was on her way. Supreme answered her phone and conversed with Jada for about a minute and hung up. She turned to Holiday and said “Jada is on her way. We’ll finish this discussion at a later date.” Holiday just looked at her without saying another word. Supreme walked out the front door and left Holiday inside to think. Soon she saw Jada pull up and park the car in front of the house. She watched as Jada jumped out of the car and started walking towards her with a huge smile on her face. “What are you so happy about?” Supreme asked her as she collected her into a hug. “I’m just happy that my best friend is going to be ok,” she replied as she snuggled into Supreme’s chest. Placing her chin on top of Jada’s head, she said, “I have a surprise for you.”

Jada pulled back to look into Supreme’s eyes. “Oh really? What kind of surprise?” Supreme could see the twinkle in Jada’s eyes, and she knew she was definitely excited to find out what she had planned. She lifted Jada’s hand and softly caressed her cheek. “I want to take you away for the weekend. I won’t tell you where because that will ruin the surprise.” Jada had a shocked look on her face. “Take me away for the weekend? I would love to! But if you don’t tell me where we’re going, how am I going know what to pack?” she asked with confusion. “I don’t want you to pack anything. Whatever you put on Friday morning is all you’re going to bring with you. I’m gonna pick you up at six in the morning and I’ll take care of everything,” Supreme responded with confidence. Jada couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A weekend getaway with someone she really liked, plus, she didn’t have to pay for or worry about anything the whole trip.

It almost sounded too good to be true. “What’s the catch?” Jada asked with suspicion. That made Supreme laugh. “There is no catch. You can either say yes or no. Either way I wouldn’t be too disappointed.” She tried her best to give Jada her puppy dog eyes. “I would love to go away with you for the weekend.” Jada said with a huge smile. Supreme grinned, took her other hand, and looked Jada straight in her eyes. “You won’t regret this decision. This will be a weekend you will never forget.” After confirming their plans for that Friday, they said goodbye to each other and Jada watched as Supreme got into her car and drove off. She couldn’t help but smile and shake her head in disbelief. A weekend with a very mysterious woman who she barely knew. This was definitely going to be a wild adventure and she couldn’t wait. Jada walked in the house to find Holiday laid out on the couch fast asleep.

Walking over to her, she leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. She went and grabbed a thin blanket from the linen closet and spread it over her to keep her warm. Making sure everything was securely closed and locked, Jada walked to her room, closed the door, and collapsed into a fit of giggles on her bed. Things were looking up for her these days and she was thrilled about it.

On the other side of town Jade, Stoney and Kayron sat in a 1965 Cadillac Deville discussing their plans for the night. Jade finally received the call they were all waiting on. She informed her team about the series of hits they were hired to do earlier that day. Tonight they had plans to execute the first hit on a dealer named Billie Devine. Billie was a young kid out of Massachusetts who came to New York to expand his empire. Although he was only twenty-two, he had more money than most of his competition. Jade began to speak. “Listen, we have to be extremely careful with this kid tonight. He’s young, but he’s very careful because he’s not from here. The dude who hired us approached him to make a deal and unite. Obviously, Billie denied the opportunity. Therefore, he has to be eliminated.” Jada stared at her only two friends to make sure they understand her.

“All we have to do is wait for our signal. I made a deal with one of his workers who he treats like a flunky. It took a few thousand but he was more than willing to help us out. Billie shot him a few weeks back just to impress a girl.” Stoney had already planted the bomb under Billie’s Aston Martin Vanquish. The signal was a call from the worker to let them know Billie was on his way out. Once he entered the vehicle they would follow him to his house and blow the vehicle up there. The reason they were waiting until he got home was because they wanted his stash. The worker exposed the whole operation so they knew where Billie kept everything. They knew they only had a few minutes after the explosion so they had to move fast. The worker, who’s name was Khalil, gave Jade a copy of the key to the basement of Billie’s home. All they had to do was go around back and grab all the money they could carry.

The phone rang and Jade picked up. She didn’t say anything; she just hung up, turned to her friends and gave them a slight nod letting them know it was time. Billie exited the club at exactly two am and jumped in his vehicle. To their surprise, he was alone. They watched as he started to drive off and Jade waited a few seconds before following behind him. Nothing could be heard inside of the car except heavy breathing coming from all three of the contract killers. Each was in their own thoughts as they drove two cars behind Billie on the freeway. After driving for almost half an hour, they saw Billie’s signal light come on, indicating he was getting off at the next exit. Making sure to stay close behind him, Jade followed him off the exit. Driving for another twenty minutes, they finally watched as he started to slow down in front of a grand standing house.

"He must be making serious bread if he got a house like this out in the cut," Jade thought to herself as she parked her car on the opposite side of the street. Kayron quickly went into his bag that was in his lap and pulled out the detonator that would blow up Billie’s car. Looking up, he waited until he received his signal from Jade before pressing the button. Jade watched as Billie seemed to have a deep conversation on his cell phone. Turning back to look at Kayron, she winked at him and watched as Kayron pressed the button. They all hurriedly looked out the window so they wouldn’t miss the beautiful explosion only seconds away. Nothing happened. With a confused look on his face, Kayron pressed the button again and still nothing happened. With looks of rage on each of their faces, they all watched as Billie ended his conversation and opened his car door.


Chapter 9 "On To The Next One" PART 2

Jade slammed her fists against the steering wheel and watched as Billie walked up his steps and inside of the house. “What the fuck just happened?” Stoney yelled. Kayron just shook his head. “I don’t know. I never make mistakes when it comes to my explosives.” Kayron turned the detonator over in his hands and looked up at Jade. “Something happened on the other end.” Jade took a few deep breathes before she said anything. “We have to take care of this situation tonight,” she said quietly. “We’re gonna have to go on to Plan B.” Stoney and Kayron looked at each other. “Plan B? What is plan B?” Stoney asked. Jade pulled out her gun and cocked it. “We gonna have to take care of it the old fashioned way.” Looking up at Stoney and Kayron, Jade could see the cold look flood into their eyes; they were ready for war. They all got out of the car and went straight to the trunk.

“Me and Stoney are gonna go in and take care of Billie. Kayron, you go straight to the basement and fill these two duffel bags wit as much bread as you can. Make sure you take it straight to the crib,” Jade directed as she handed Kayron two empty bags and the key to the basement. Jade grabbed the duffel bag that contained the guns and opened it. She grabbed a two .44 Magnum Desert Eagles and checked the clip as Stoney grabbed a AK-47 with the extended clip. Each grabbed extra clips for their guns and stuffed them in their pockets. “Grab as many clips as you can. We’re going in there blind and don’t know what to expect. Luckily, we have the element of surprise on our side,” Jade stated as she stuffed another clip into her pocket. Kayron reached over and grabbed a .45 and placed it in the waist band at the small of his back. They double checked to make sure they had everything, then Stoney closed the trunk and they turned towards the house.

“Time to get to work.” Looking both ways, they crept silently across the street. Jade made eye contact with Kayron and pointed in the direction of the basement door. He acknowledged her direction and took off in route of the basement. They had cased out the house before the job so they knew the key points of all the exits. Jade and Stoney continued towards the front door. Each of them stood on opposite sides of the door and took the safety off their guns. Stoney took out her lock pit set and went to work. As she picked the lock she thought how silly Billie was for his lack of security. Once the lock was popped she signaled Jade letting her know it was time. Facing the door, she took a few steps back and kicked it in. Running inside, they immediately noticed two men jump up from the living room couch and draw guns. Billie, who was also in the living room, sitting in a chair, stood up in a state of shock.

He noticed his men had their weapons drawn so he calmed down. As he came face to face with his killers he started to speak. “Un fucking believable. I never thought two bitches would be bold enough to come after me. Are you the two who placed the bomb under my car?” he asked, smiling broadly. Jade and Stoney glanced at each other but kept their guns steady as Billie walked around his two guards. “Don’t look so surprised. I have my car checked before I enter it everyday.” Nobody said a word, so Billie continued talking. “I’m impressed, who would have thought two bitches would be cold hearted enough to enter in this kind of bus--,” Billie was cut off by the sound of the AK-47 ripping through one of his bodyguards. The other guard immediately started firing back so Stoney and Jade had to take cover behind a wall.

Billie was caught off guard and fumbled with his gun. When he finally got it out, he started shooting wildly as he ran for the stairs. Jade watched as he climbed the stairs, blindly shooting behind himself. Jade stayed behind the wall until the guard stopped shooting. When a few seconds went by, she knew he had to be reloading so she stepped out, took aim and shot him in the neck. The guard dropped his gun and reach for the hole in his neck that was gushing blood. He dropped to the floor and didn’t get back up again. Stoney didn’t even wait for him to drop to the ground before she was on her way up the stairs. Jade was right behind her as Stoney rounded the corner on the stairs. They had to search through each room to find out where Billie went and it wasn’t long before Stoney signaled to Jade that she found the room. Entering what they assumed was Billie’s office, they saw a part of the wall opened up into some kind of escape passage. Without hesitation, they entered the passageway and hurried after him. Before they reached the end of the passage, they heard a single shot go off.

They both stopped, looked at each other and ran the rest of the way. When they got to the end, they noticed that they were in the basement and saw Billie on the floor with a bullet hole in between his eyes. Kayron stood over Billie’s body with his gun still in hand. He looked up to find the amused eyes of his partners on him and smirked. He then lifted up an empty duffle bag. “I think we have enough time to fill up one more time,” he said indifferently. Jade laughed while Stoney stepped over Billie’s body and clapped Kayron on his shoulder. “That’s why we love you man,” she told him.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Chapter 8 "Is It To Good To Be True"

When Stoney entered her 2009 HUMMER H2 SUV she was furious so she slammed her fists on the steering wheel. Her anger stemmed from Jada being with Supreme; she just couldn‘t understand it. She knew she had no right to feel this way, which pissed her off even more. Stoney started her truck, shoved the gear into drive and screeched as she pulled off. She headed straight to the bar because she felt she needed a drink. As Stoney went to start in on her long night of drinking, Jada was on her way to a restaurant to have dinner with Supreme. It had been days since they met at the hospital and Supreme finally asked her to have dinner. Jada was happy because Holiday was going to be fine and now Supreme was keeping her smiling. She took a cab because she figured Supreme would drive her home. They met at a chic restaurant in Midtown which Supreme suggested. When she entered the restaurant Supreme was already there. The waitress escorted her to a private section that resembled a royal dinner party.

She looked over at Supreme who at that moment was her knight in shining armor. Gorgeous, funny and a kind heart was how she would describe her. It felt to good to be true. Supreme looked over at Jada who was staring at her with a small smile on her face. “Do I have something on my face?” she asked. Jada giggled. “No. I was just thinking about how you’ve been here for me for the past few days and I really appreciate it.” Supreme smiled and told her it was her pleasure. What Jada didn’t know was she was willing to be there for the rest of her life. It was too soon for her to divulge that information though. She would take her time to ensure she got exactly what she wanted. They did not need to order because Supreme had everything laid out. Jada smiled harder when she noticed she was surrounded by all her favorite foods. 'She is attentive on top of everything else. So far, she poses everything I’ve ever wanted in a relationship. Can she be my soul mate?' she thought to herself.

“Thanks again for suggesting Holiday stay with me while she heals. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself,” Jada stated. “Don’t even worry about it. With all the madness of that day I’m surprised you can even remember your own name.“ Supreme chuckled. She reached across the table and grabbed Jada’s hand and started caressing it. “I’m really glad you called me that night though.” Jada blushed at the electricity that shot through her arm when Supreme touched her. The attraction she felt for her was crazy. “I don’t want you to get a big head but you were the first person that came to mind.” They ate, laughed and got to know more about each other. Jada did most of the talking but Supreme didn’t mind. There was so much she couldn’t tell Jada at the moment. When they were finally finished Supreme got up to use the bathroom and Jada admired her as she walked away. She took her phone out and checked her messages and saw Jade's text.

Her sister was going to be home real late because she had to work and didn’t want her to worry. Jada sighed and text back telling her to be safe and she loved her. As she was putting her phone away, Supreme sat back down in her chair. “Everything ok?” she asked as she sat down. “Yes. I got a message from my sister saying she had to work tonight that’s all. I guess I’m gonna have to pick Holiday up by myself in the morning.” Supreme got up to pull out Jada’s chair. “Don‘t worry about it. I‘ll go with you to the hospital and help you home.” Jada smiled and held onto her arm as they walked out to the car. “You really don’t have to. I know you are a very busy person. I really appreciate the offer though,” she said as they stopped in front of the Silver Jaguar Supreme was driving . Supreme leaned forward and kissed Jada on her forehead. “You’ll see just how much I’m willing to do for you.” Jada felt chills run along her spine at those words but left it to the mystique of who Supreme was.

She smiled as she slid into the passenger seat and laid her head back on the head rest. Supreme got in the car, started it and looked over at Jada who looked happy and vowed she would have Jada no matter what it took. After Supreme dropped Jada off at the house the next few hours seemed to pass in a whirlwind of romance. They stayed on the phone until the wee hours of the morning. She thanked Supreme for the daily ritual of breakfast and for the spa day she treated her to. The little gifts she received just to remind her that Supreme was thinking of her. It was like some kind of fairytale that she never wanted to end. This was the happiest she had been in a very long time and it was all due to Supreme. They were still on the phone when Jada looked at her watch and realized it was time to get Holiday from the hospital. She blew Supreme a kiss through the phone before she hung up. Then she found a cute little Chanel outfit and sandals to put on.

Jada knew Holiday didn’t have anything to wear so she packed her a outfit as well. Once she had everything she needed, she exited the house and drove straight to the hospital. Supreme had something to take care of and would meet her there. As she pulled into the parking lot, to her surprise, Supreme was already waiting at the front doors. She got out of the car, walked up to her and gave her a kiss. They smiled at each other and walked into the hospital headed straight to Holiday’s room. Jada peeked her head in through the door to make sure her friend was awake. When she saw Holiday sitting up flirting with the male nurse she chuckled and walked inside. “I see nothing has changed for you girl.” Holiday looked over and smiled. “Hell no bitch! I’m still the shit. Bullet holes and all!” she said as she winked at the nurse who chuckled. Jada walked over and gave her best friend a gentle hug. “I’m so glad your gonna be ok,” she whispered into Holiday’s ear.

“Bitch can’t nobody take me until I’m ready,” Holiday whispered back but Jada could hear the shakiness in her voice. The near death experience scared her but she would never let it show. As they broke apart Holiday noticed Supreme who was still standing by the door. “And who is this?” she asked as she licked her lips. Jada saw the look in her eyes and felt a tinge of jealousy. “This is Supreme. She came with me.” she made sure to emphasis ‘me’ so Holiday would get the point. Looking at Supreme then at Jada, she got the picture. “Ok I hear you girl. Damn can’t blame a bitch for trying. She is fine as hell. What you been doing while I been up in here?” she asked Jada. Supreme laughed. “Well it’s nice to meet you Holiday. You ready to get up outta here?” Supreme asked as she walked closer to the bed. “Hell yeah. I’m tired of all this mush they tryna pass off as food. Yall came to break me outta here?” Jada finished talking to the nurse and turned back towards her best friend.

“We sure are. As soon as the doctor comes with all the necessary paperwork we can get up out of here.” Just as Jada finished her sentence, the door opened and the doctor walked in. Supreme cell phone went off so she went into the hallway to take the call. Jada talked to the doctor and got the ok to take Holiday home. Once all the papers were signed Supreme walked back in the door with a huge smile on her face. “Everything ok?” Jada asked with slight suspicion. Supreme winked at her and asked “We ready?” Jada nodded her head yes. “I’m gonna help Holiday get dressed and then we can get out of here.” Supreme opened the door and told them she would be waiting by the car. Jada helped Holiday out of the bed then helped her get dressed. Once they were ready they had a nurse wheel in a wheelchair which Jada helped Holiday into and they made their way outside. Holiday took a deep breath as she was rolled outside. “You never appreciate the simple things until their almost taken away from you.”

Jada silently agreed as she thanked the nurse for her help and helped her friend into the car that Supreme so nicely brought to the front. The ride home was a quiet one but it was peaceful. When they reached the house Supreme carried Holiday to the door. “Cute and a gentleman,” Holiday said flirtatiously. Supreme just chuckled as she waited for Jada to unlock the door. She then sat Holiday on the couch and got ready to leave. “Wait don’t leave yet. I have to ask you a quick favor,” Jada hurriedly stated. “Jade is gonna take me to go get my car from the hospital in the morning but I need to get a few things out of there now. Would you mind sitting here with Holiday until I get back?” Jada looked at Supreme pleadingly as she waited on her response. “I’m a grown ass woman Jada I can take care of myself. I don’t need a babysitter.” Holiday crossed her arms. Jada looked at Holiday and said, “I know you are but I would feel better if someone was here with you.” Holiday sighed but didn’t protest any further.

“I'll sit here as long as you need me to, go ahead ma I got you.” Supreme stated as she took a seat in a near by chair. “Thank you so much Supreme.” she stated then ran into Jade’s room, grabbed her keys and ran back out. After kissing Holiday on her cheek and giving Supreme a quick peck on the forehead she was out the door. She didn’t want to take too long to get what she needed out of the car. After Jada left there was an awkward silence. Holiday grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. Supreme just sat back and stared at her. “How are you feeling?” Holiday jumped at the deep baritone of her voice in the silence. “I’m fine thanks for asking,” she replied sarcastically. After a few more minutes of awkward silence, Holiday turned the TV off and threw the remote down. “Ok let’s talk. When do I get paid?” Supreme chuckled. “Ah. There goes the Holiday I know. Always about that paper.” Holiday just looked at her.

“Ok so since you know that, when do I get my paper? I went through all this just so you can have your way. I got shot for your ass! So tell me when do I get the hundred thousand you promised me!” she yelled. Holiday grabbed her chest to calm her breathing. She was getting to worked up and felt like she would pass out. Supreme just watched her go through her motions and sat there quietly. She suddenly got up out her chair and walked over to stand in front of Holiday. “Don’t worry shorty. Our agreement is still intact. You’ll get your money,” she said as she leaned in closer to face her. “Don’t forget. You still haven‘t completed your end of the deal. You know what you have to do next.” Holiday just looked at her and started to wonder if it was really worth it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chapter 7 "Who Shot Ya"

Jada couldn’t believe what she was hearing on the other end of her phone. She dropped it because of the loud sound of the gun shot. She was still in a state of shock as she searched for her phone. Finally finding it halfway under the passenger seat, she frantically picked it up and looked at the caller ID. She felt all the air rush out of her body as she realized it was Holiday’s number. With her hands shaking uncontrollably, she lifted the phone to her ear and held her breath. Hearing a female voice in the background she strained to figure out what she was saying. “That bitch tried to play me for a sucka. I’m Lucky bitch, you fucked wit the wrong one!” she said with rage in her voice. Jada covered her mouth with her hand to stifle her cries. Then she heard another voice; this time a male. “Did you have to shoot her here though? This is the fucking Regency Lucky.

Shit, it’s smack dead in the middle of Downtown Manhattan so how the fuck we gon get rid of the body! I don‘t know what the fuck you be thinking sometimes. Plus we up here on the fifteenth fucking floor, we can‘t carry her body all the way down stairs! We need to get outta here yo!” her partner said with urgency. “Yo Tommy you getting soft son. I got on gloves so my finger prints aint no where in here. Fuck that bitch! Let’s go,” Lucky said. Jada heard some footsteps followed by the sound of a door closing. She listened for a few more seconds and then she let out a wail full of despair and sorrow. Throwing her phone to the side, she put her car in gear and raced toward the hotel. She knew exactly where the hotel was located and she was only ten minutes away. Racing along the streets like a mad woman she finally pulled up to the front of the hotel. Not even turning the car off she grabbed her phone, flung the door open and raced inside.

Jada didn‘t know what she would find but she was hoping her best friend was still alive. Running past the front desk she only slowed down slightly to yell, “Call the ambulance right now! My friend has been shot, she’s on the fifteenth floor!” Seeing the elevator doors open she pushed past the people already waiting and she frantically hit the button for the fifteenth floor. As the elevator rode up, the people who made it inside looked at her with confusion. The doors finally opened to her floor and once again she pushed past everyone. She didn’t know what room Holiday was in so she pulled out her phone and called her. She slowly moved passed every door listening for T-Pain’s Chopped & Screwed which was her ring tone. She had to hang up and call back a few times before she finally reached the right door. The door was completely closed but she tried the handle anyway.

For some reason the door was not locked and that was weird to Jada. Swallowing her fear, she pushed it open. She had to cover her mouth to muffle her scream. Jada stared at her best friend hanging off the edge of the bed covered in blood. There was so much blood she couldn’t tell where she was shot. Not caring about anything else, she ran to her friend and shook her violently. “Holiday please don’t die on me girl I need you!” she screamed. Not getting a response she started crying again. Before she knew it, paramedics and hotel security were everywhere. She felt herself getting pushed back as the paramedics went to work. Jada was in such shock that she didn’t hear the police when they approached her. They noticed the blank stare in her eyes so they called over a paramedic to check her out. Jada finally snapped out of her daze when she saw Holiday being wheeled out.

“Where are they taking her? Is she alive? Will she be ok?” she asked in a panic. “She’s still breathing but we won’t know until we get her to the hospital. Right now the police have a few questions to ask you,” the paramedic stated. There was no way she was staying behind while they took Holiday. “If they want to ask me any questions then they can ask me at the hospital,” she said forcefully. Jada exited the room with the paramedics and made her way downstairs. After finding out what hospital Holiday was being taken to, she got in her car and drove straight there. When she parked the car, she dropped her head onto her steering wheel. Jada decided to call her sister and let her know what was going on. Jade answered her phone on the first ring as usual because she knew it was her twin. “What it do twin?” Jada responded with sobs as she cried.

Jade immediately became alarmed and asked her sister where she was. Jada got herself together enough to tell her twin her location. Jade told her to stay where she was and that she would be there as soon as she could. When Jada hung up the phone she just sat in her car. She could not believe what was going on. It didn’t make any sense at all; who would want to kill Holiday? She knew her best friend was a gold digga, but she was up front about her shit. She never lied to any of the chicks she dated about anything so why would someone do this to her? Jada continued to cry sitting in her car because she was afraid to go in alone. A half hour had passed when she finally saw Jade pull up. Taking a deep breath, she willed herself to get out of the car. As soon as Jade parked her car, she rushed out and hugged her sister tight. Jada held on just as tight and finally broke down.

She cried with confusion and pain as she kept asking herself why did this happen. When she was finished, Jade stepped back and looked down at her sister. “What happened?” Jada couldn’t respond to her sister‘s question. Jade just stood there and waited, knowing her sister needed time to collect her thoughts. When she was finally ready she told her everything that happened from the time she got the phone call till now. Jade listened intently. She didn’t say anything but it all sounded funny to her. She grabbed Jada’s hand and lead her inside of the hospital. They went straight to the nurses station and asked about Holiday. They were told that she was still in surgery so they would have to wait for a doctor to come and talk to them. Jade told her sister she was gonna hit the streets and see if they were talking yet. She asked her if she would be ok alone. Jada responded by nodding her head up and down.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chapter 7 "Who Shot Ya 2"

Jade got up and kissed her on her cheek. “Make sure you call me if anything changes,” Jade said softly. Walking out of the hospital she pulled out her phone and dialed Stoney’s number. “Yo,” Stoney answered sleepily. She sat up on her bed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “Yo get up nigga I need you to meet me at my house asap. I’m leaving the hospital now. Holiday got shot and we need to find out what the fuck is going on.” Jade didn‘t wait for Stoney to respond. She hung up the phone and jump in her truck then headed home. Jada sat in the hospital waiting room looking around. Watching the people huddled together talking quietly made her realized how alone she was. She knew she couldn‘t be alone at the moment. She pulled out her phone wondering who she could call. The first to come to mind was Supreme so she immediately located her number.

Even though Supreme didn’t know Holiday she made Jada feel safe. Therefore there was no debating as she pressed send and waited for her to answer the phone. “Hello?” Jada heard her smooth baritone voice and instantly started to relax. “Hey. It’s Jada. Did I wake you?” she asked nervously. Supreme smiled when she heard her voice. “No. I rarely get any sleep. Are you ok ma?” Supreme could hear the slight tremor in Jada’s voice. “Honestly no I‘m not. I’m sitting in the hospital right now.” Supreme stood up forgetting about the paperwork she was currently looking over. “What happened? What hospital? Are you ok?” she asked anxiously. Jada smiled hearing the genuine concern coming from her. “I’m fine. It’s my best friend. She was shot and now I’m sitting here waiting for the doctor to tell me what’s going on.” Jada sniffled trying to hold back the tears that so desperately wanted to be released.

Supreme heard the pain in her voice and wanted to hold her. “Tell me what hospital your at and I‘ll come chill wit you while you wait.” Jada truly appreciated the fact that she didn’t have to ask her to come. She told her the location and secretly thanked God for sending someone to be by her side. When they hung up she started reminiscing about her and Holiday as young girls. As Jada waited for Supreme, Jade and Stoney were sitting in the living room of Jade’s house discussing everything that went down. “We gotta figure this shit out cuz the whole damn thing sounds funny to me,” Jade told her best friend. “From what you told me the shit do sound funny. Imma hit the streets so we should know something by the end of the day,” Stoney stated. Jade had a lot of nervous energy so she stood up and started to pace the floor. “Where is Kayron? We got some other business to discuss.”

As Stoney started to tell her she told him to come over, there was a knock at the door. Walking to the door she opened it and stepped to the side to let Kayron in. After filling him in on what happened, they started to discuss the meeting Jade had earlier that night. “As you both know I had a meeting concerning a really big job. We were referred to him by a really big client we had last year. The job will be long and dangerous. Nothing we can’t handle though.” Kayron was with it so he looked towards Stoney to see her reaction. “What‘s the job?” Jade sat back down in the chair and proceeded to explain the preliminaries of the job to her two partners. “We gonna have to take out a few people that are getting in the way of the client. We will get each target one at a time whenever the client is ready to disclose that information. The client has offered to pay us a half million dollars at the end of the job. Each.” Kayron whistled as he heard the amount.

He was thinking what they all were thinking; for stacks like that they are definitely taking the job. Jade looked at her friends and could tell they were down. They always had her back whenever she needed them so why would that change now. As she leaned back in her chair, her phone started ringing. It was Jada. “Wats good sis everything ok?” Listening intently to her sister she started to relax. “Ok so you need me to come and get you?” she asked anxiously. Stoney watched as Jade suddenly tensed up and started to frown. “Well, be careful yo. Let me know when you on your way back to the crib.” Jade listened for a few more seconds then hung up. When she sat there and didn’t say anything Stoney couldn’t take it and asked, “What happened?” Jade looked up at Stoney but had a far away look in her eyes. “Holiday is gonna be ok. She said the surgery went well and she was talking a little bit but she don’t remember nothing.

She was shot in her chest and the bullet just missed her heart. It went straight through and came out the back. So it didn’t cause to much damage. It’s gonna take a while for her to heal so she will be staying with us,” she said distractedly. Kayron looked over in confusion. “That sounds like good news. Why you over there all uptight? I know you don‘t fuck with Holiday like that but damn she just got shot J.” Looking down at her clenched hands, Jade slowly let the tension out of her body. “It‘s not that K. I was just thrown off by what Jada just told me. She said she’s fine and she’s wit Supreme. Yall already know how I am about my lil sister.” Kayron looked over at Stoney who had suddenly tensed up. “Yo I heard Preme paper is long as hell but nobody really knows what she does. She got major influence in the music industry too. Everybody who‘s anybody know Preme so I can understand your concern,“ Kayron stated matter of factually.

Stoney on the other hand became irritated. She couldn’t sit there and listen any longer. “Are we done here yo? I need to go see what’s going on in these streets.” Without waiting for a response, Stoney stormed out of the house and slammed the door. Jade looked at K with a question in her eyes but he just shrugged. Jade ignored it and told Kayron about the first hit. She explained how she felt it should go down. Kayron agreed and told her to let him know when Stoney finds out anything. The situation with Holiday was personal and needed to be handled immediately.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chapter 6 New Beginnings

While Jada, Jade and Stoney were arguing, Kayron was way on the other side of town handling some business. He was spending his day trying to get a court order to change his ID over. Legally changing his name and sex was all he needed to complete his transition. He was excited and feeling high on life. After a while he left the court house with his order in hand. He hopped in his midnight blue Range Rover which was parked not to far from the entrance. Once in the car he pulled out his phone and tried to call Jada. He got her voice mail so decided to drive over to Jade‘s house. Kayron was excited to share his news with Jada. A half hour later he pulled up to the front of the house and parked. He got out the car and practically ran to the door to knock on it. When no one came to the door he knocked a little harder. Still getting no answer he jiggled the doorknob and the door opened.

Jade would never leave her door unlocked so an alarm immediately went off in his head. He grabbed his Desert Eagle from the small of his back and slowly walked in. He quickly scanned the living room and crept in further. After a few steps he stopped and waited for a few seconds to listen for any movement. He heard noise coming from Jada’s room. Kayron took a deep breath and walked up to her door. He prepared himself then pushed the door open with his gun raised; he couldn’t believe his eyes. He stood dumbfounded as he watched Stoney and Jada kiss and touch each other passionately. Suddenly, Jada’s eyes met Kayron‘s and she froze. Stoney looked at her confused until she turned around and finally noticed Kayron standing there. She jumped up and wiped at her mouth. “Oh shit what up K ummm I ummm, listen ---,” Kayron waved his gun stopping her explanation.

“Don’t even worry about it. I know Jade well enough to know this stays between us. I don’t know how long this has been going on. I do know this though, this shit can‘t happen again. So ya’ll better get it together,” he said with authority. Jada nodded her head as she frantically got herself together. “Your right and I’m sorry you had to see this.” Jada stood up and tightened her robe as she stared at Stoney, willing her to do something with her eyes. All Stoney could bring herself to say was, “Ima go and check on Jade.” She walked out of the room and closed the door. “Listen Kayron--,” Jada started but Kayron cut her sentence short. “It’s over with” he said as he took a seat on her bed. “Anyway, I tried calling you but I got your voice mail. I went to the court house and got the court order I need to legally change over my ID. You remember when I told you it would make things easier if I have it.”

Kayron stated with excitement. He was definitely in rare form so Jada smiled broadly as she walked over and gave him a hug. “I’m so proud of you K. I knew it would all work out for you. Go tell Jade and Stoney so we can all go out and celebrate. I’m going to get ready now, so tell Jade to get her ass out the bed. Now get out so I can go take my shower.” Kayron chuckled and got up. After one more hug they both walked out the room; Jada headed for the bathroom and Kayron went straight to Jade’s room. When Jada was ready they decided to go out and eat to celebrate Kayron’s news. Since Kayron was a vegetarian, they went to Atlas in midtown Manhattan. After they enjoyed their meal and talked for a while it was time to go. They were headed back upstate to Jade’s house but decided to stop and shop for the ball they were attending that night. It was Roxi Moulin’s ball who was a personal friend of Kayron.

He was very into the ball scene where as his friends were not. They were only going to support him because this would be his first time walking as a Trans-man. They shopped on Fifth Avenue then headed back to Jade’s house to change. Once everyone was dressed they piled into the truck and headed towards The Loft where the ball was being held. As they all walked inside, Kayron smiled because this was where he was most comfortable. Looking around the club, he spotted Roxi walking over to him and met her half way. They shared a tight hug as Roxi said, “I’m so glad you could make it! Right on time too. Come on I’ll show you guys to your table.” She acknowledged everyone before she turned around and walked towards all the tables along the runway. Roxi made sure they were all comfortable and walked away. Jade went to the bar to get everyone a drink except Kayron. He never drank before he walked a ball.

When everything started, Kayron excused himself and went to get ready for his category which was coming up. As soon as his category was called, he came out with only a pair of basketball shorts on. He received tens across the board and the crowd was in an uproar. Kayron was 6’ 2” 185 lbs with a very dark complexion and a bald head. His vigorous gym work outs showed through his physique. His body looked as if someone sculpted it with a chisel and hammer. He stood their flexing every muscle for all the ladies to enjoy. There was one other contender who couldn’t measure up to Kayron so it was no competition and he sat him down quickly. After Kayron won and received his trophy, he went to the back to change. As he was walking back to the table, he heard Jade ask Jada and Stoney why they were acting so weird. Jade saw Kayron walking up and was the first to stand up. “I got some business to handle so we gotta get outta here.

Good look on the win though K,” she said as she gave him dap. He saw Roxi standing by the bar and went to tell her goodbye. When he reached her, she told him how proud she wasof him. They exchanged a few pleasantries then parted ways. Soon they were all back in the truck and headed upstate. The whole drive consisted of them talking about all the people who walked that night. When they got to the front of the house Kayron and Stoney got out first and walked towards the front door. Jada stayed behind to say goodbye to her sister. The first thing Kayron did when they were at the door was push Stoney. “What the hell you pushing me for?” Stoney asked. Kayron shook his head as Jada walked up and opened the door. “I‘m glad yall could come out tonight. I gotta go so imma holla at yall lata,” Kayron stated as he pushed Stoney again and gave Jada a hug.

Jada said goodbye while Stoney walked in the house. She watched Kayron walk to his car, get in and drive away. After she closed the door, she turned towards Stoney who was sitting on the couch staring at her. She started walking towards her room when Stoney started talking. “Look about what happened earlier…” she said as she got up and walked towards Jada. Jada put up both her hands and cut her short. “Let‘s not even go there Stoney. It was a mistake and it won’t happen again. It’s only gonna make things worse.” Stoney looked down at Jada’s hands and didn’t say anything for a few seconds. She took a step back and looked Jada straight in her eyes. “Your right,” she said with defeat. “We can’t let it happen again.”


Chapter 6 New Beginnings Part 2

Even though the words left her mouth she felt differently inside. It was like Jada had some type of magnetic hold on her. Stoney took a step closer to her and started to reach out to her but stopped. ‘Fuck it. This might be the last time anyway’ she thought to herself. She grabbed Jada and pulled her in for a kiss. Jada couldn’t even fight it and melted right into her arms. When Stoney felt her soften under her touch she realized what she was doing and cursed herself. She knew she couldn’t have her and this would make it harder to let go. She pulled away roughly and let Jada go making her stumble forward. “Ima get outta here yo,” she said as she walked towards the door in a haste. Jada was still a little dazed but was brought out of her dream state by the slam of the door. She just stood there in amazement, not believing what just happened. After she thought about it she was glad Stoney did what she did.

She was a damn good kisser and things could have went a lot further. She liked Stoney’s touch but there was nothing between them other than that. Being in the house was not an option at this point so she grabbed her keys and walked out. Once she was in the car she started driving aimlessly in silence. She didn’t know what to do so she headed to the city. When she looked up she was at the pier so she parked and got out the car. While walking along the pier she found herself looking out along the darkness of the water. As she walked up to the railing, she saw someone standing there. Not wanting to disturb the other person Jada turned to walk away. As she turned she heard someone call her name. Turning around, she squinted into the darkness trying to see who the stranger was. The voice sounded slightly familiar but she couldn’t put a face to it.

She watched as the shadowed figure walked closer to the light. When she was finally able to see who it was she actually started to laugh. “I swear you gotta be stalking me.” She smiled as Supreme stopped in front of her. “I‘m not stalking you ma, I just happen to be at the right place at the right time,” she said and smiled brightly. When she smiled Jada noticed her deep dimples. Jada was definitely attracted to her but tried to keep her composure. “What has you down at the pier all alone?” she asked Supreme. “I come here to think sometimes when I need to clear my head.” Supreme didn’t feel the need to tell her she was never alone. Her henchmen were discreetly moving around the pier watching her back. Jada smiled and walked up to the railing to look over. Supreme followed her lead and stood next to her. Neither one of them spoke. Jada stared at the water and Supreme stared at her.

She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have Jada end up on the pier. Ever since the club, Supreme couldn’t get Jada out of her head. She watched as Jada’s hair flew in the slight breeze and thought she had to have her. Jada turned to find Supreme’s eyes on her and felt herself blush. The intensity of her stare made Jada hot. She couldn‘t deny what she felt inside but it bothered her that Supreme could make her feel this way without even knowing her. Pushing away from the railing she started walking again. When she saw that Supreme was still leaning against the railing, she raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you coming?” Grinning widely, Supreme walked to where Jada was standing and grabbed her hand. Jada’s first instinct was to pull away but she resisted the urge. When their fingers interlocked it felt natural; like this was meant to be. Jada felt at peace walking with Supreme.

They connected in a way where the silence between them was comfortable instead of awkward. The whole situation was completely new to her but she liked it. “What has you out here in the middle of the night ma?” Supreme asked. Jada took her time to answer. Stoney was the reason she was out there but she wasn’t about to say that to Supreme. “I just needed to clear my thoughts. I wasn’t headed anywhere special but I‘m glad I bumped into a friendly face,” she said earnestly. Supreme looked down at her watch knowing she had something important to do. She was always about her business but she couldn‘t bring herself to leave Jada. “Would you like to talk about what‘s on your mind?” Supreme asked with concern. Jada shook her head no and stopped. “I’d rather talk about something else if you don’t mind.” Supreme looked down at Jada and fell in love with the beauty of her eyes.

She decided she wanted Jada to be hers for life. Supreme let go of her hand lifted both of her hands toward Jada’s face. Jada closed her eyes and exhaled. Supreme gently caressed her cheek and marveled at how soft her skin was. She was giving Jada exactly what she needed at that moment. It was such a change to have someone be openly soft with her and mean it. Supreme had a rough exterior but with Jada she was sensual. When she felt her pull her hands away she opened her eyes and saw Supreme smiling down at her. “I have to get going. I’m glad that I was able to see you tonight though. Would it be possible to see you again sometime?” A distraction from the chaos she called her life was what Jada needed. She said yes and they exchanged numbers. Supreme grabbed Jada‘s hand again and insisted on walking her to her car. They walk to the car was short but they talked about the night at the club.

When they reached the CLK they just stood there looking at each other. Neither one of them was quite ready to leave. Jada felt like a school girl again. She had butterflies in her stomach and couldn’t look in her eyes. Supreme lifted Jada’s head so she could look in her eyes. “It was a pleasure seeing you again Jada. You are certainly someone I would like to get to know,” she said with that sexy bass in her voice that turned Jada on. She smiled and said, “I enjoyed our walk and your company as well Supreme.” Supreme loved the way she spoke her name with such a soft tone. She leaned in and kissed Jada on her forehead. “Hit me know when you get in the crib so I‘ll know your safe.” Supreme didn’t wait for a response; she just disappeared into the dark. Jada knew she shouldn’t be falling for Supreme but she couldn’t help it. Lord help her because she just knew she was heading for trouble.

Supreme made her feel weak for her and she wasn’t strong enough to love someone right now. As Jada pulled off her phone rang. When she answered she heard someone screaming on the other end. She couldn’t make out the voice but the next thing she heard made her drop her phone and slam hard on her break.