Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chapter 4 Special Edition Party Time Part 1

Jada stood up as she heard the front door open and crossed her arms. Jade came through the door with a ditty bop looking like she‘d been out all night. When she saw her sister standing there she sighed. "Where are you coming from?" Jada asked . "I went to the club with Stoney and Kayron. Why you trippin'?" Jade asked as she placed a kiss on her cheek and headed towards her room. "I‘m not trippin' and I already know that part because Holiday called me". Jade rolled her eyes as she took off her mink and said "We went to the club to go relax. Is that a problem?". Jada didn't feel like going back and forth so she left it alone and sat on her sister's bed. “A close friend of mine asked me to stop by Club Ozone tonight because it's going to be a big event. I really feel like getting out tonight so I’m going to ask Holiday to go with me. My friend said she gonna put me on the VIP list and you know that’s the only way we roll,” she said lifting her hand for her twin to give her dap. Jade told her to enjoy herself and to take her black card with her. Jada knew her sister was tired so she walked over to the dresser, grabbed the card out her wallet and walked out the room.

On her way out she pulled out her iPhone and dialed her best friend’s number. When Holiday answered she asked her to go shopping for the nights event. They talked for a few minutes and made plans to meet in Midtown Manhattan. Jada threw on a pink Juicy Couture sweat suit, grabbed her keys and walked out the door. Three hours later she walked back in the house with a smile on her face. She walked by Jade's room peeked in and saw her sprawled across her bed knocked out. Jada was a little tired from all her shopping so she decided to take a nap. It was four o’clock in the afternoon so she had more than enough time to get ready. She set her alarm for six and laid down and fell asleep instantly. Jada woke up when her alarm went off and was ready to prepare for her night in the city. She stood up, stretched and started to get undressed for her shower. Although her shower didn’t have five heads like Jade’s it was still nice. Everything in the bathroom was marble including the stand up shower and Jacuzzi. Normally she would have hopped in the Jacuzzi but she knew she would never get out of there. Almost an hour later she was out of the bathroom and emptied all her shopping bags on the bed. She laid out her all white Christian Dior spaghetti strap dress and a pair of Jimmy Choo sling backs which were accented with crystals. She used Japanese Cherry Blossom to lotion her body which was her favorite scent. Once her body was moisturized she put on a white satin Victoria Secret thong. She had the perfect breasts for her dress so she didn’t need to wear a bra. Jada put her dress and shoes on then walked over to her mirror.

Satisfied with her look she unwrapped her hair and let it drop to the middle of her back. Since she was half Indian her hair was jet black and silky. At this point she was ready to apply her make-up. She wasn’t one to wear much make-up so she applied some Chanel lip gloss and some eye liner. Jada decided to go all out and put on her 2 carat diamond drop earrings with her 5 carat diamond tennis bracelet and matching necklace. She topped everything off with a platinum Rolex and a full length white mink. She was definitely dressed to kill and she knew it. It was her first night on the town as a single woman and she was going to enjoy herself. She was praying she wouldn’t see Styles tonight. Jada knew Styles was the party type and she was always at the biggest events. Removing that thought from her head she grabbed the keys to Jade’s platinum colored drop top CLK 550. She was not about to drive her Toyota looking as good as she did. Honestly she didn’t have to have a Toyota but she drove it because Styles gave it to her as a gift. She exited the house, jumped in the car and headed towards Holiday's house. After picking her up they drove to Club Ozone, the most popular lesbian club in NYC. When they arrived at the club she parked in a parking garage because she didn’t want to take any chances. After parking they checked themselves in the mirror and got out the car. Walking in the club all eyes were on them. Even though Holiday didn’t have the kind of access to money Jada did, she still looked good. She was rocking a short Gucci black dress with sling backs to match and a Blue Iris Mink Jacket.

They checked their coats and headed straight to VIP where UnkDaBoss, the CEO of Pay Day Entertainment, was waiting to receive them. Jada walked up the steps and gave Unk a hug. "Hey Unk how you been?" Unk smiled and turned to give Holiday a hug. "I've been doing a lot of big things. You know me always promoting. I'm glad you decided to come out tonight since I haven‘t seen you in so long. Where's Styles?" Jada inwardly cringed at the name but smiled at her and said "We broke up not too long ago. You definitely invited me at the right time." Unk shook her head and chuckled. "Well I'm glad you came. Relax and have fun tonight. I’ll send you over a bottle of Moet. You want anything else?" Jada told her she didn't and thanked her. Before she had a chance to walk away Unk grabbed her hand and said "Before I forget we need to set up a meeting to discuss the foundation I was telling you about." Jada nodded her head and went to sit down. As promised the bottle was sent a little while later and they began their night. They drank bottle after bottle and soon Jada forgot what she was trying to forget. Soon they were up and on the dance floor. Holiday was dancing with every single female that approached her. Jada was a little more picky and danced by herself most of the time. Hearing Unk give her a shoutout over the music she turned towards the DJ booth and blew her a kiss. As she turned around she felt someone tap her shoulder. She came face to face with a gorgeous female.

6'0 with a golden tan complexion, chestnut brown eyes shaped like a cat, a low hair cut and bright white teeth behind luscious lips stretched into a smile. Jada stood stunned for a moment but shook herself and raised one perfectly arched eyebrow. "Can I help you?" she asked with slight annoyance in her voice. "I was just wondering if I could dance with you ma" the stranger stated. "I am not your ma and no thanks I dance alone," she said as she turned away from her. The girl chuckled and backed off. She wasn't going to push the issue but vowed to see her again; it was something different about Jada. Holiday stumbled over to her best friend dragging two females with her. "Jada! This is Toni and this anyway she cute! She wanna dance with you". She pushed the unknown girl towards Jada who slowly shook her head no. "I'm good, I'm gonna go and get another drink". As she went to turn around the girl roughly grabbed her arm and pressed up behind her. "Come on shorty don't be like that. Come dance with a nigga," she said trying to sound sexy. She moved her hands down Jada's arms and placed them on her ass. Jada pulled away from the girl, turned around and slapped the hell out of her. "Don't you ever put your hands on me again!" She turned and started walking away with the girl close on her heels.

She was drunk so she stumbled and yelled "Bitch do you know who I am? I’m Tyree and don’t no bitch get away with hitting me!" Jada kept walking away as if she couldn't hear her. Tyree went to grab Jada again but someone grabbed her. When Tyree turned to see who was bold enough to grab her, her eyes widened in shock. The girl looked Tyree in the eyes and told her to leave it alone and walk away. She already knew who she was and that she was deadly serious. She was not about to try and challenge her because she knew better. Tyree looked back over her shoulder at Jada, who had stopped to see what was going on and decided she wasn‘t worth it. "You got it my dude. I didn‘t know she was with you," she said with fear in her voice. She released Tyree and watched as she walked away. Then she turned and faced Jada who was still standing in the middle of the floor.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Chapter 3 Relax Relate Release Continued


That really turned Jade on so she was ready to get started. Candy crawled on the bed until she reached Jade and slid on top of her. She kissed her behind her left earlobe and Jade felt shivers run through her body. She wasn’t there to make love so she grabbed Candy by her arms and flipped her over so she would be on top. She raised her arms above her head and held them there while she started sucking on her nipples. Candy’s breathing began to rapidly increase as she moaned with pleasure. Jade took her free hand and ran it down her stomach till she reached her thong. She grabbed the edge of her thong and slowly removed it from her grinding hips. She was so hot and wet Jade could feel her juices as she slid down her thighs. She started playing with her joy button and increased the pressure as Candy began to moan louder. She then proceeded to insert two fingers into her throbbing wetness. She slowly pushed them in and out while she continued to pressed her joy button with her thumb.

Candy started grabbing the sheets and grinding so Jade started pumping harder and faster. Candy was on the verge of an orgasm and Jade knew it. Candy started screaming louder and pumping faster. Jade smiled and removed her fingers before she had a chance to reach ecstasy. "What the fuck?! Why you stop daddy? I was about to come!" Jade just grinned as she got off the bed. She grabbed her bag of goodies and pulled out some anal beads, a pocket rocket and her strap. Candy saw all the contents and got even wetter if that was possible. She crawled over to the edge of the bed, turned around and put her ass in the air and said “Spank me daddy“. Jade walked over and slapped her ass. "Yes daddy I like that shit" she moaned as Jade slapped her ass again. Jade told her to lay on her back and give her a show as she prepared herself. Candy did as she was told and started massaging between her legs.

Jade was enjoying the show so she pulled out her camera phone and took a few shots. She threw the phone to the side and grabbed Candy by her hips to pull her closer. Once she had her on the edge of the bed she turned her on her knees. She began to insert the beads one by one as Candy massaged her clitoris. Candy was so wet she didn’t need any lubrication. When all of the beads were inserted she flipped her over. When she was laying flat on her back Jade leaned over her and started sucking on her breasts and playing with her button once again. When she felt her body shiver she inserted her soldier inside of her. Candy moaned from pleasure and started grinding hard and deep. Jade grabbed her hips and stroked her like a pro. With every stroke she hit harder, faster and deeper. Candy started calling her everything but Jade. She went from calling her a muthafuka to screaming for God.

Jade was enjoying every minute of it. She pulled out and stood Candy up then bent her over the dresser. Hitting it from the back was her favorite position. When she entered her again Candy could no longer contain herself. Jade was holding her hips and stroking her with a hypnotizing rhythm that made her body shake uncontrollably. Although she never got close to a woman, Jade prided herself on satisfying whoever she took to bed. Once again before Candy could reach her orgasm Jade pulled out. She went to the bed and laid down signaling for Candy to get on top of her. Candy got on top and rode Jade like the pro she knew herself to be. Jade was enjoying every minute of it. From the grinding in circles to the waves and the bouncing up and down. She was convinced that Candy was definitely a pro. She lifted her off of her and turned her on her back. It was time to finish what she came to do.

She pulled her to the edge of the bed once again and entered her. This time she was moving so hard and fast Candy dug her nails into her back. That turned Jade on even more and she went deeper. She slowed down only to grab the rocket on her left. Before she could even turn it on Candy was ready to cum. Jade turned the rocket on and place it on her button while she stroked her. When she saw her lift her hips to meet her she pushed her soldier all the way to the hilt inside of her and stopped. "Yes daddy keep going. Fuck me baby!" Jade smiled on the inside and pulled out and rammed back in. Candy screamed in pleasure and tried to keep up with her frantic pace. She pounded in and out till she finally heard her say she was about too come. "Oh my God daddy I'm cuuumin! I'm cuuummm oh yes I'm co--AHHHH!" As she came Jade slowly pulled out the anal beads one by one which made her orgasm last longer.

Once they were all out she slowed her pace and listened to her satisfied moans. She pulled out of her and watched as Candy laid there still shivering from her intense orgasm. Jade went to get cleaned up and when she came back Candy was fast asleep. Jade got dressed and gathered her belongings leaving all the toys behind. She then pulled out a wad of cash and left cab fare on the night stand. This wasn't a sleep over it was a quick nut. She looked back at the sleeping Candy and said with a laugh "Thanks for the ride ma" and walked out the door.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chapter 3 Relax Relate Release

Chapter 3

Jade opened her front door as quietly as possible. She wanted to get in and out without waking up Jada. Once inside she locked the front door and went straight to her room. Before her and Stoney parted ways they agreed to meet up with Kayron at their usual spot, Hollywood Dolls. The club wasn’t to far from Jade’s house which gave her ample time to groom herself. She started the shower which had five heads pointing from various directions. Jade loved the fact that her master bedroom had a private bathroom. Once the shower was running she went back in the room to undress. It was time to unwind and her mission was to find a bad bitch so she could get her fuck on. Jade never got close to a female; it was a one shot deal type of thing with her. Before heading to the shower she went to her closet and pulled out her outfit for the night. She decided to wear all black Gucci that night from her shoes to her frames. Once her outfit was ready it was time to jump in the shower. Forty-five minutes later she was out of the shower and dressed to impress. The need to stunt a little bit was strong so she put on her three carat studs and her Audemar Piquet. To top everything off she put on her three quarter all black mink and sprayed herself with Sean Jean’s Unforgettable. After checking herself in the mirror she grabbed her keys and was out the door. Although she owned many luxury vehicles she opted for the SL 550. Before entering her vehicle she popped the trunk and placed a bag inside. Jade hopped in the car and pulled out of the garage as she popped in Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt.

She drove off singing the words to “Can‘t Knock The Hustle (Remix)”. Twenty minutes later she pulled up to the front doors of Hollywood Dolls, the most exclusive gentlemen club in New York City. She gave her keys to the valet and went inside in search of Stoney and Kayron. Once inside she spotted them sitting at their usual table deep in conversation which made her think back to how they all met. The three of them have been tight since freshman year of Junior High School. They all heard rumors about the freshman beat down because they were from the same neighborhood. After school Jade was walking home when some Juniors started surrounding her and snatched her book bag off her back. Jade was never a punk so she was prepared to fight all of them. Before she could do anything she saw one of the girls drop to the ground. When she looked up she saw Stoney drop another girl like she weighed nothing. At that point Jade also started her reign of terror on who ever was within her reach. Before long they were surrounded by more freshmen screaming “fuck them up” sounding very excited. A big beast like chick named Rocky approached and was about to hit Jade from behind. She was the bully of the school and they called her Rocky because she was known for knocking people out with one punch. Out of no where Kayron ran up on her and knocked her out cold. Everybody stopped and stared with amazement. By this time they were all standing together ready to take on the whole school. Once Kayron knocked Rocky out nobody wanted any parts of the trio. They made sure nobody wanted to retaliate before they got themselves together and walked away.

They walked back to their block talking about what happened. Jade thanked both of them for having her back and they’ve been down for each other ever since. Jade was brought out of her thought by a waitress who asked her if she wanted a drink. She told her she was fine and walked towards the only friends she had in this world. The music was loud so they didn’t hear her approach. “What up my dudes” Jade said, slightly yelling to be heard over the music. They both looked up and gave her dap as they made room for her to sit down. “Nothing much. We got here a few minutes before you did.” Stoney stated. Kayron stayed silent as usual; he wasn’t the most outspoken but he made his point come across when needed. Jade turned towards Kayron and asked, “Everything straight with that situation?” Kayron looked at her with a ‘are you serious’ look which made Jade chuckle. Stoney laughed outright. “You already know this nigga be on his J.O. so let’s just have some fun!” Stoney signaled the waitress and ordered three bottles of Moet Nectar and a round of shots for everyone; Hennessy VSOP of course. After the bottles were done and a few more shots everybody was feeling nice. Stoney and Kayron had two dancers grinding all over them. Jade sat back smiling glad that her team was enjoying themselves. On the other hand she was waiting for the one that caught her eye. She then saw a female dancer approaching their table and groaned. Stoney heard her and turned to see what was wrong. When she saw who was approaching the table she started laughing and elbowed Kayron.

He looked over and smirked then turned his attention back to the dancer with her breasts in his face. Holiday saw the look on Jade’s face and smiled. She knew she couldn’t stand her but she didn’t care. She was gonna have Jade one way or the other. “Hi Jade” she said seductively nibbling on the tip of her finger. Reluctantly Jade said “What up Holiday. I didn’t know you was working tonight.” Although Jade couldn’t stand her she had to admit Holiday was banging. She was 5’7“ with smooth mocha chocolate skin, a long Spanish wavy weave, a fat ass, DD breasts and a tiny waist. Holiday knew what she had and used it to her advantage any way she could. Jade knew Holiday was a gold digga but she was also her sister’s best friend. For those reasons alone she would never give her the time of day. A meal, a few drinks and a good fuck was all she was offering. Holiday was a manipulator but none of that worked on Jade. “What you want Holiday? We just tryna unwind and have a good time.” She grabbed another shot and downed it as Holiday sat in the seat she just vacated. “I see, where is Jada?” Jade could’ve slapped her for trying to ruin her buzz. “Is Jada ever here with us? Look just go and do what you do”. Holiday got up out the chair with a pout. “You don’t want me to help you unwind Jade?” she asked silkily as she bent over in front of her and started shaking her ass. “I can loosen you up real good daddy and you don’t even have to tip me…yet” she winked. Jade turned to Stoney and said “Yo I’m going to the bathroom.” Stoney nodded her head and watched her walk away.

Holiday stood there with her arms crossed and thought about following her to the bathroom. Stoney saw her face and interrupted her thoughts. “Don’t even think about it” she said with a menacing look. Holiday rolled her eyes and started walking around the club looking for her next victim. As Jade exited the restroom she bumped into someone trying to rush in. The girl fell backwards and the contents of her purse flew everywhere. “Oh shorty my bad. I aint even see you.” She bent down to help her up and gather her things. “Obviously!” the girl mumbled as she packed her bag. “I said my bad it wasn’t like I did it on purpose.” Jade stood up and offered her hand to the girl. When she looked up at Jade she took a deep breath. ‘Wow’ she thought, ‘she’s kinda cute’. Jade licked her lips and thought to herself ‘oh yeah, I‘m fucking tonight‘. “Look I’m really sorry I knocked you down. Why don’t you let me buy you a drink to make up for it?” The girl looked Jade over and noticed her diamonds and expensive attire. She smiled to herself and nodded her head completely forgetting the fact that she had to use the bathroom. As they walked towards the bar Jade caught Stoney’s eye and nodded her head towards the girl. Stoney just starting grinning. At the bar Jade was having small talk with the female who’s name was Candy. Candy was a regular hood chick looking for a come up. She spent her weekends club hopping with her friends searching for ballers. To Jade’s surprise it didn’t take any convincing on her part. Once she pulled out her black card and ordered four more bottles of Moet shorty was ready to go.

She leaned closer to Jade and whispered in her ear “Take me home baby. I want you to fuck me till I pass out” and licked her earlobe. That was just the invitation Jade was waiting for. After paying for the bottles she sent them over to the table where her friends were. Candy took her hand and lead her to the front of the building. Jade gave the valet her ticket who brought her car around in two minutes flat. She tipped him and they hopped in the car. Jade took her to a hotel not to far from the club. She was not about to take a jump off to her crib. They pulled up to the hotel and she hopped out the car. As she went to go pay for the room Candy sat in the car thinking about what kind of life she would have with Jade. She started smiling to herself as Jade jumped back in the car. Once she parked they got out and Jade handed her the room key. "Go make yourself comfortable while I grab something out the trunk". Candy did as she was told with a huge smile on her face. Jade went to the trunk and took out the bag she placed in there earlier that night. When she got in the room Candy was in the bathroom. As she got comfortable on the bed the bathroom door opened and there stood Candy with a red lace bra and matching thong. Jade had to admit she had a nice body. Plump and perky in all the right places. She walked seductively to stand at the foot of the bed with her hands on her hips. "You ready for me daddy?" she asked as she licked her lips. "Yea turn around let me look at you". Candy turned around and revealed a pair of cat eyes tattooed on the arch of her back.

The rest to be continued in TWO DAYS SO STAY TUNED!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chapter 2 Jade's Revenge

Stoney didn’t say a word and kept staring out the window. She fully agreed with Jade to make Styles pay in a very painful way for hurting Jada. J ade pulled up outside of Styles’ house. They sat in the car looking at the house for a few minutes. As Stoney was getting ready to get out of the car, she felt Jade hold her back. She looked at her wondering why and Jade just looked out the window. Stoney looked in the same direction as Jade and saw what made her stop her. Styles was walking up to the house with another female holding her hand. Stoney looked down at Jade clinching her shirt tightly. When Jade looked up at her, all she said was, “Let’s go” with fire in her eyes. They got out of the car and went straight to the trunk. Jade pulled out a duffle bag which contained all the things they were going to need to get the job done. They waited until the couple was in the house before making their move. Five minutes passed and it was go time. They approached with caution and crept to the side of the house. The plan was to go in from the back door so the element of surprise would be on their side. Jade had been to the house many times before so she knew the layout inside and out. Jade looked through the window on the side of the house and saw Styles sitting on the living room couch.

Jade motioned for Stoney to follow her towards the back door. They moved in a haste only looking back to make sure no one noticed them. Once they reached the door Jade looked through the window to make sure no one was inside of the kitchen. No one was in sight so they proceeded with the plan. Stoney reached into the bag to get out her tools. Stoney was an expert when it came to picking locks. She began her work and they were in in less than thirty seconds. Styles was still on the couch drinking her Corona with the game on. She wasn’t paying attention because she was thinking of the events from earlier that day. She was still tight about the fight, but it was all good because she felt she taught Jada a serious lesson. She smirked and took another swig from her beer. Meanwhile Stoney was putting away her tools while Jade closed the door behind them. They both had their guns drawn as Jade went to the open doorway of the kitchen. She peeked out and saw Styles, and motioned for Stoney to get behind her. They looked at each other and had the same look in their eyes; they were ready for payback. Stoney made the first move. She silently went to stand behind Styles who was too deep into her thoughts to notice or hear anything. Stoney was ruthless and heartless as she hit her with a vicious blow to the head.

It happened so fast Styles didn‘t even make a sound; she was out cold. Jade came to assist Stoney with the task of carrying Styles to the bathroom. As Jade went to grab her legs, they heard a door open and a female say “Babe, what do you thi--” The girl stopped short when she noticed Jade and Stoney standing over an unconscious Styles. She was about to scream but Stoney put a bullet through her head before she had a chance to make a sound. “Luckily we put the silencers on the gats before we came up in here” Jade said laughing. “Before we lift this nigga go get the bathroom ready”. Stoney headed back in the kitchen for the duffle bag. Once she retrieved it she headed towards the bathroom. She pulled out a large plastic sheet from the bag and spread it over the bathroom floor. She then reached in and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, some tape and cable pliers. After she laid everything out she went back to help Jade carry Styles. Once in the bathroom Jade lifted Styles to a standing position and held her while Stoney handcuffed her arms to the top of the shower rod. Stoney placed tape on her mouth to muffle her screams when they began their torture. She also taped her ankles together to prevent her from kicking. She pulled out a vile of smelling salts and put it under her nose.

Styles was now awake. She seemed disoriented at first but once she blinked a few times and looked around, her eyes got wide when she saw Jade and Stoney. Jade smirked with evil satisfaction at seeing the frightened look on her face. She tucked her gun in her waistband and leaned against the wall. “Oh don‘t look so surprised. I know you didn‘t think a Moet bottle was all the damage that would be done?” Stoney laughed at her menacing tone. Jade looked towards Styles. “I bet you thought my sister would just come running back to you like always and you would have nothing to worry about” she said with a mischievous glint in her eye. Styles could do nothing but shake her head. “Are you telling me that’s not what you thought?” Jade asked with feigned surprise. Styles just looked at her with defeat all over her face. Stoney looked at Jade and saw she was enjoying the exchange a little too much. She stood in front of Styles and back handed her so hard she slid across the pole to the other side of the tub. “Enough of this bullshit, let’s handle our business.” Jade nodded in agreement. Stoney retrieved the cable pliers from the floor and waved them in front of Styles’ face. Styles’ eyes got wider when she realized what they were. “I‘m gonna make you regret the moment you put your hands on Jada” she said venomously.

She grabbed her right wrist and began with her pinky. Styles’ screams were muffled by the tape. One by one she cut off each finger. By the time she finished with one hand Styles had passed out from the pain. Stoney had blood all over her but she didn‘t care and grabbed the left hand. Jade grabbed the pliers from Stoney before she started cutting and said “Let me get this one my nigga“. Without hesitation she clipped off her pinky. Styles woke up with a jerk and started screaming through the tape from the excruciating pain. By the time Jade was done Styles had passed out once again. Not satisfied, they removed the cuffs and laid her in the tub. They filled the tub with cold water to prevent her from bleeding to death. “Should we continue or just finish up the job?” Stoney asked eagerly. Either way she wanted to be the one to deliver the last blow. Jade looked at Styles who was unconscious and bleeding profusely from her hands. She didn’t even want to be around her anymore. Jade opened the bag and pulled out a taser. She began to fill Styles’ body with electric currents. Styles was falling in and out of consciousness at this point. Stoney grabbed the smelling salt and put it under her nose. She was awake once again and now had tears coming down her face.

The satisfaction they felt showed all over their faces and now it was time to finish the job. Jade removed the tape from her mouth and asked her “What made you think you could fuck wit my sister without dealing wit me”? Styles could barely speak but she said in a hoarse whisper “It’s wasn’t like dat! It just got out of hand but she hit me first”. Jade looked at her like she was stupid. “She hit you first? Nigga, she caught you fucking a bitch in her bed! What the fuck did you think was gon happen”. She laughed cruelly. “The funny shit is she asked me not to kill your punk ass. You fucked up when you crossed me tho Styles, you already know how I get down. I told you if you ever hurt my sister you would pay with your life. I don’t make idle threats so now it’s time for you to cash out”. Jade grabbed the duffle bag and told Stoney to finish the job. Stoney nodded and took out her gun. Although Stoney felt they should have tortured her a lot more, she realized Styles was not worth the energy. Stoney and Jade were professional contract killers and made a living bringing pain to people in the most unusual ways. Stoney looked at Styles’ weak body feeling like she never deserved Jada. Only if she had the heart to tell Jada how she felt, none of this would be happening.

She could protect her from any type of harm. At that moment she made a promise to herself to never let anyone else hurt her. Thinking about how bad Jada looked when she saw her made her go into a silent rage. As she grew angrier she lifted her gun and aimed right between her eyes. Styles only had time to widen her eyes before her life came to an end. Jade knew Jada would be angry at her but that was her sister and she would get over it. She shook her head and said “Call Kayron and tell him to come clean this shit up.” Stoney pulled out her Black Berry and called the third person of their team. She relayed the message and gave him the address then turned to Jade and said “Let’s get the fuck outta here.”

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chapter 1

Jade sat and studied her twin sister silently as she took another hit from her blunt. She half listened as her sister recounted the situation between her and Styles. She was steaming as she stared at her sister's appearance. A busted lip, wrinkled and torn clothes, her hair was a mess and to top it off she had a dark hand print around her neck. Jade already knew she was going to take care of the situation. She warned her sister about Styles punk ass from the beginning. She wasn’t feeling her vibe off jump and now she had the nerve to put her hands on her little sister. Although they were only 3 minutes apart, Jade was very protective of Jada, especially after all they had been through growing up. Jade cut Jada off in mid-sentence. "Hold on for a minute," she stated as she pulled her Black Berry from her hip. Jada snatched the blunt out of Jade's hand and said, "I’m tryna tell you what happened to me and you want to make a phone call.” Jade looked at her with a look that said be quiet and I’m serious.

Jada knew her sister very well so at that point she knew she could only be calling one person; Stoney. Whenever Stoney and Jade got together it meant bad news for who ever the target was. Jada took a long pull from the blunt before passing it back to Jade. "Styles is not worth it Jade. Besides I left her with a very nice parting gift if I do say so myself." Jade chuckled. "Yeah but what if that bottle wasn't sitting on the table? Then what? Would you have made it out that house? That nigga had no business putting her hands on you period." Jade was getting angrier by the moment. She stood up and started to pace the room. The energy flowing through her body was very intense at this point. Jada watched her twin as she paced back and forth. They both had the same light caramel complexion, warm chocolate brown eyes, jet black hair and both stood at 5'7“. You would never be able to tell them apart except Jada was a sophisticated femme and Jade was a hardcore aggressive.

Jada knew her sister pacing the room meant she was thinking of a master plan. Jada watched as she lifted her cell phone and pressed a button before putting it to her ear. "What up my dude. Yea. I need you to come to my crib ASAP." Jade listened for a second longer then closed the phone. Jada rolled her eyes because she knew Stoney was on her way."Jade, she's not even worth the trouble." Jada stated staring into her sister’s eyes. Jade took another hit from the blunt before putting it out. "Oh trust me, it's no trouble at all." Jada knew she was fighting a losing battle so she got up to get something to drink. Jade sat back down in her chair and waited for her best friend to arrive. As Jada came out the kitchen with her drink, the doorbell rang. "Damn. What she do? Fly over here?" Jada shook her head and sat down as Jade got up to get the door. Unbeknownst to them, Stoney was already on her way over there when she got the call. Jade opened the door for her best friend and stood aside as she walked in the house.

"What up my nigga. What up Jada....what the hell happened to you?" she asked Jada with shock in her voice. She walked over to her and took her face in her hands. Stoney looked over at Jade who nodded her head. Stoney's face clenched up but she gently let go of Jada. Jada nor Jade knew it, but Stoney was feeling Jada for a long time now. She never pushed up because that was her best friend’s sister, and Jade only knew Stoney to be a dog. She knew she would never treat Jada that way but she still stayed away. "So we going over there right? I’m gonna kill her." Stoney lifted up her sweat shirt and took out her 9 mm from her waist band and cocked it. Jada's eyes got big but she didn't say a word. She knew how Stoney could get, she was crazy. Her sister was the more laid back of the two but just as dangerous. Jade just smiled and looked at Stoney. "I was thinking the same thing." Jada jumped up kicking the table and knocking over the juice she just put there. "Ya'll not gonna kill nobody! Don't get all crazy, it's not that serious."

Jade and Stoney looked at Jada and said nothing. Both of them had the 'yeah right’ look on their faces. "I'm serious. Don't end up doing time for some bitch that aint even worth it!" Jade went over to her to calm her down. She took her hands and looked her deep in her eyes. "It is that serious. No, she aint worth killing but we will teach her a lesson. She will learn to never put her hands on my family." Jada shook her head and took her hands back. "I know I can't stop yall so do what you gonna do. Just be careful." She gave her twin a long hug, walked over to Stoney and gave her a hug too while whispering in her ear, "Watch out for her." Stoney gave her a look that said she would and Jada turned to go into the guest bedroom. She was tired from the nights events and wanted to take a shower and lay down. They watched her disappear into the room and when they saw her door close they turned and looked at each other. Stoney was the first one to speak. "How we gonna do this? You know I'm ready for anything."

She had put her pistol back in her waist band when Jada jumped up. Jade didn't say a word and walked towards her bedroom. Stoney followed close behind her. Jade went to her closet and threw on a black hoodie, black sweatpants and her black timbs. She reached on the top shelf and grabbed her Glock. She reached for the bullets and started loading the clip. Stoney stood silent as she watched Jade go through her motions. She knew she needed this quiet time to get her thoughts together. She would tell her the plan when she was ready. After Jade finished, she went to her dresser to grab the keys to her all black Cadillac truck. Although she owned many expensive cars, this is the one she always chose to handle her dirty work. She walked towards the door with Stoney right behind her. When they were on the road Jade spoke. "We not gonna kill the nigga cuz Jada don't want us to, but we are most definitely gonna teach her a lesson. In the most painful way possible." She said with a smirk on her face.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


"Get the fuck out my house bitch!" was all Jada heard before she blacked out. She turned around slowly to face her soon to be ex-girlfriend. "Bitch? Bitch? I got your bitch!" Jada stated as she ran towards Styles in a rage. She began swinging violently as she approached her. Styles blocked every hit and tried to grab Jada's arms but she continued fighting wildly. She finally caught Styles in the face, smacking her so hard she stumbled back in a daze. "Fuck!" Styles screamed as she regained her balance. "Now imma whoop your ass!" she said with venom in her voice. Jada just rolled her eyes. "What the fuck ever, you aint gon do shit. You aint shit, you never were and never will be!" she spat with anger.

Styles became angrier and began to move towards her stating "I aint what? Who the hell been taking care of you for the past two years? Now I aint shit? I moved you in my house, bought you a car and gave you everything you asked for. But now I aint shit...fuck you Jada, you aint shit," was the last thing she said before she slapped the taste out of Jada's mouth. As she fell to the floor she grabbed her face and noticed her lip was bleeding. The impact of the hit had her in a daze. She fought back the tears because she refused to let Styles see her weak. "Thats all you got? Come on Styles, you can do better than that," she laughed. Even though she was still a little dazed and her face was on fire, she stood to her feet.

"You know what Styles? Fuck this house, the car and everything you ever bought me. That shit don't mean nothing to me. After all the shit you put me through, you can have it all back. I don't need it or you," she stated, no longer able to hold back the tears. The only thing on her mind at this point was leaving, never to return. As Jada went to turn around and leave, she felt her neck snap backwards as Styles grabbed her by her pony-tail and threw her clear across the room. Styles walked up to her and lifted her by her shirt. "Yeah, go ahead and talk all that shit now! I don't hear you saying shit now!" she said with a huge smirk on her face. Jada just laughed and spit in her face. Styles stood there stunned and released Jada to wipe her face off. Jada took advantage of the situation and ran towards the night stand.

She picked up the lamp and threw it. Styles tried to move but the lamp ended up clipping her shoulder and shattering on the floor. "Oh now you breaking my shit?!" She ran towards Jada, grabbed her by her throat and threw her against the wall. She was choking her to the point where Jada started seeing spots. Desperate to be released, she started scratching Styles' arms and face. She finally dug her thumbs in her eyes, causing Styles to scream in pain and abruptly let go. Jada fell to her knees coughing and holding her throat, trying to catch her breath. She knew she didn't have much time so she wobbled to her feet and stumbled towards the door. Styles tried to reach out and grab her but she was too fast.

"Fuck you Styles! I fucking hate you! You gonna get yours bitch! I shoulda left your ass a long time ago!" she stated walking towards the door. She heard Styles coming her way and noticed an empty Moet bottle sitting on the coffee table. Jada grabbed the bottle and as Styles lunged at her, she turned and swung the bottle at the same time. The bottle connected with her forehead, causing it to split open and Styles dropped to the floor once again. Jada looked down at a bleeding Styles and said, "Yeah talk all that shit now. I don't hear you saying shit now. Isn't that what you said to me. You gonna regret everything you ever put me through." Jada dropped the bottle, grabbed her keys off the table and walked out the door.

She walked towards her 2006 Toyota Camry, unlocked the doors and hopped inside. Once the car was started and was backing out of the driveway, the only thing on her mind was "Jade is gonna have a field day with this one."