Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chapter 2 Jade's Revenge

Stoney didn’t say a word and kept staring out the window. She fully agreed with Jade to make Styles pay in a very painful way for hurting Jada. J ade pulled up outside of Styles’ house. They sat in the car looking at the house for a few minutes. As Stoney was getting ready to get out of the car, she felt Jade hold her back. She looked at her wondering why and Jade just looked out the window. Stoney looked in the same direction as Jade and saw what made her stop her. Styles was walking up to the house with another female holding her hand. Stoney looked down at Jade clinching her shirt tightly. When Jade looked up at her, all she said was, “Let’s go” with fire in her eyes. They got out of the car and went straight to the trunk. Jade pulled out a duffle bag which contained all the things they were going to need to get the job done. They waited until the couple was in the house before making their move. Five minutes passed and it was go time. They approached with caution and crept to the side of the house. The plan was to go in from the back door so the element of surprise would be on their side. Jade had been to the house many times before so she knew the layout inside and out. Jade looked through the window on the side of the house and saw Styles sitting on the living room couch.

Jade motioned for Stoney to follow her towards the back door. They moved in a haste only looking back to make sure no one noticed them. Once they reached the door Jade looked through the window to make sure no one was inside of the kitchen. No one was in sight so they proceeded with the plan. Stoney reached into the bag to get out her tools. Stoney was an expert when it came to picking locks. She began her work and they were in in less than thirty seconds. Styles was still on the couch drinking her Corona with the game on. She wasn’t paying attention because she was thinking of the events from earlier that day. She was still tight about the fight, but it was all good because she felt she taught Jada a serious lesson. She smirked and took another swig from her beer. Meanwhile Stoney was putting away her tools while Jade closed the door behind them. They both had their guns drawn as Jade went to the open doorway of the kitchen. She peeked out and saw Styles, and motioned for Stoney to get behind her. They looked at each other and had the same look in their eyes; they were ready for payback. Stoney made the first move. She silently went to stand behind Styles who was too deep into her thoughts to notice or hear anything. Stoney was ruthless and heartless as she hit her with a vicious blow to the head.

It happened so fast Styles didn‘t even make a sound; she was out cold. Jade came to assist Stoney with the task of carrying Styles to the bathroom. As Jade went to grab her legs, they heard a door open and a female say “Babe, what do you thi--” The girl stopped short when she noticed Jade and Stoney standing over an unconscious Styles. She was about to scream but Stoney put a bullet through her head before she had a chance to make a sound. “Luckily we put the silencers on the gats before we came up in here” Jade said laughing. “Before we lift this nigga go get the bathroom ready”. Stoney headed back in the kitchen for the duffle bag. Once she retrieved it she headed towards the bathroom. She pulled out a large plastic sheet from the bag and spread it over the bathroom floor. She then reached in and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, some tape and cable pliers. After she laid everything out she went back to help Jade carry Styles. Once in the bathroom Jade lifted Styles to a standing position and held her while Stoney handcuffed her arms to the top of the shower rod. Stoney placed tape on her mouth to muffle her screams when they began their torture. She also taped her ankles together to prevent her from kicking. She pulled out a vile of smelling salts and put it under her nose.

Styles was now awake. She seemed disoriented at first but once she blinked a few times and looked around, her eyes got wide when she saw Jade and Stoney. Jade smirked with evil satisfaction at seeing the frightened look on her face. She tucked her gun in her waistband and leaned against the wall. “Oh don‘t look so surprised. I know you didn‘t think a Moet bottle was all the damage that would be done?” Stoney laughed at her menacing tone. Jade looked towards Styles. “I bet you thought my sister would just come running back to you like always and you would have nothing to worry about” she said with a mischievous glint in her eye. Styles could do nothing but shake her head. “Are you telling me that’s not what you thought?” Jade asked with feigned surprise. Styles just looked at her with defeat all over her face. Stoney looked at Jade and saw she was enjoying the exchange a little too much. She stood in front of Styles and back handed her so hard she slid across the pole to the other side of the tub. “Enough of this bullshit, let’s handle our business.” Jade nodded in agreement. Stoney retrieved the cable pliers from the floor and waved them in front of Styles’ face. Styles’ eyes got wider when she realized what they were. “I‘m gonna make you regret the moment you put your hands on Jada” she said venomously.

She grabbed her right wrist and began with her pinky. Styles’ screams were muffled by the tape. One by one she cut off each finger. By the time she finished with one hand Styles had passed out from the pain. Stoney had blood all over her but she didn‘t care and grabbed the left hand. Jade grabbed the pliers from Stoney before she started cutting and said “Let me get this one my nigga“. Without hesitation she clipped off her pinky. Styles woke up with a jerk and started screaming through the tape from the excruciating pain. By the time Jade was done Styles had passed out once again. Not satisfied, they removed the cuffs and laid her in the tub. They filled the tub with cold water to prevent her from bleeding to death. “Should we continue or just finish up the job?” Stoney asked eagerly. Either way she wanted to be the one to deliver the last blow. Jade looked at Styles who was unconscious and bleeding profusely from her hands. She didn’t even want to be around her anymore. Jade opened the bag and pulled out a taser. She began to fill Styles’ body with electric currents. Styles was falling in and out of consciousness at this point. Stoney grabbed the smelling salt and put it under her nose. She was awake once again and now had tears coming down her face.

The satisfaction they felt showed all over their faces and now it was time to finish the job. Jade removed the tape from her mouth and asked her “What made you think you could fuck wit my sister without dealing wit me”? Styles could barely speak but she said in a hoarse whisper “It’s wasn’t like dat! It just got out of hand but she hit me first”. Jade looked at her like she was stupid. “She hit you first? Nigga, she caught you fucking a bitch in her bed! What the fuck did you think was gon happen”. She laughed cruelly. “The funny shit is she asked me not to kill your punk ass. You fucked up when you crossed me tho Styles, you already know how I get down. I told you if you ever hurt my sister you would pay with your life. I don’t make idle threats so now it’s time for you to cash out”. Jade grabbed the duffle bag and told Stoney to finish the job. Stoney nodded and took out her gun. Although Stoney felt they should have tortured her a lot more, she realized Styles was not worth the energy. Stoney and Jade were professional contract killers and made a living bringing pain to people in the most unusual ways. Stoney looked at Styles’ weak body feeling like she never deserved Jada. Only if she had the heart to tell Jada how she felt, none of this would be happening.

She could protect her from any type of harm. At that moment she made a promise to herself to never let anyone else hurt her. Thinking about how bad Jada looked when she saw her made her go into a silent rage. As she grew angrier she lifted her gun and aimed right between her eyes. Styles only had time to widen her eyes before her life came to an end. Jade knew Jada would be angry at her but that was her sister and she would get over it. She shook her head and said “Call Kayron and tell him to come clean this shit up.” Stoney pulled out her Black Berry and called the third person of their team. She relayed the message and gave him the address then turned to Jade and said “Let’s get the fuck outta here.”


  1. messy messy. man i think i am in love with jade already! the suspense is refreshing, for once im not reading a story and trying to predict it . great read babygirl =} see ya next week

  2. I can't believe they killed the mistress GOD DAMN! I wonder what Kayron is like and if it's a girl. On to the next one!

  3. this is sum REAL movie sh*t...& i LOVE it...