Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chapter 3 Relax Relate Release

Chapter 3

Jade opened her front door as quietly as possible. She wanted to get in and out without waking up Jada. Once inside she locked the front door and went straight to her room. Before her and Stoney parted ways they agreed to meet up with Kayron at their usual spot, Hollywood Dolls. The club wasn’t to far from Jade’s house which gave her ample time to groom herself. She started the shower which had five heads pointing from various directions. Jade loved the fact that her master bedroom had a private bathroom. Once the shower was running she went back in the room to undress. It was time to unwind and her mission was to find a bad bitch so she could get her fuck on. Jade never got close to a female; it was a one shot deal type of thing with her. Before heading to the shower she went to her closet and pulled out her outfit for the night. She decided to wear all black Gucci that night from her shoes to her frames. Once her outfit was ready it was time to jump in the shower. Forty-five minutes later she was out of the shower and dressed to impress. The need to stunt a little bit was strong so she put on her three carat studs and her Audemar Piquet. To top everything off she put on her three quarter all black mink and sprayed herself with Sean Jean’s Unforgettable. After checking herself in the mirror she grabbed her keys and was out the door. Although she owned many luxury vehicles she opted for the SL 550. Before entering her vehicle she popped the trunk and placed a bag inside. Jade hopped in the car and pulled out of the garage as she popped in Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt.

She drove off singing the words to “Can‘t Knock The Hustle (Remix)”. Twenty minutes later she pulled up to the front doors of Hollywood Dolls, the most exclusive gentlemen club in New York City. She gave her keys to the valet and went inside in search of Stoney and Kayron. Once inside she spotted them sitting at their usual table deep in conversation which made her think back to how they all met. The three of them have been tight since freshman year of Junior High School. They all heard rumors about the freshman beat down because they were from the same neighborhood. After school Jade was walking home when some Juniors started surrounding her and snatched her book bag off her back. Jade was never a punk so she was prepared to fight all of them. Before she could do anything she saw one of the girls drop to the ground. When she looked up she saw Stoney drop another girl like she weighed nothing. At that point Jade also started her reign of terror on who ever was within her reach. Before long they were surrounded by more freshmen screaming “fuck them up” sounding very excited. A big beast like chick named Rocky approached and was about to hit Jade from behind. She was the bully of the school and they called her Rocky because she was known for knocking people out with one punch. Out of no where Kayron ran up on her and knocked her out cold. Everybody stopped and stared with amazement. By this time they were all standing together ready to take on the whole school. Once Kayron knocked Rocky out nobody wanted any parts of the trio. They made sure nobody wanted to retaliate before they got themselves together and walked away.

They walked back to their block talking about what happened. Jade thanked both of them for having her back and they’ve been down for each other ever since. Jade was brought out of her thought by a waitress who asked her if she wanted a drink. She told her she was fine and walked towards the only friends she had in this world. The music was loud so they didn’t hear her approach. “What up my dudes” Jade said, slightly yelling to be heard over the music. They both looked up and gave her dap as they made room for her to sit down. “Nothing much. We got here a few minutes before you did.” Stoney stated. Kayron stayed silent as usual; he wasn’t the most outspoken but he made his point come across when needed. Jade turned towards Kayron and asked, “Everything straight with that situation?” Kayron looked at her with a ‘are you serious’ look which made Jade chuckle. Stoney laughed outright. “You already know this nigga be on his J.O. so let’s just have some fun!” Stoney signaled the waitress and ordered three bottles of Moet Nectar and a round of shots for everyone; Hennessy VSOP of course. After the bottles were done and a few more shots everybody was feeling nice. Stoney and Kayron had two dancers grinding all over them. Jade sat back smiling glad that her team was enjoying themselves. On the other hand she was waiting for the one that caught her eye. She then saw a female dancer approaching their table and groaned. Stoney heard her and turned to see what was wrong. When she saw who was approaching the table she started laughing and elbowed Kayron.

He looked over and smirked then turned his attention back to the dancer with her breasts in his face. Holiday saw the look on Jade’s face and smiled. She knew she couldn’t stand her but she didn’t care. She was gonna have Jade one way or the other. “Hi Jade” she said seductively nibbling on the tip of her finger. Reluctantly Jade said “What up Holiday. I didn’t know you was working tonight.” Although Jade couldn’t stand her she had to admit Holiday was banging. She was 5’7“ with smooth mocha chocolate skin, a long Spanish wavy weave, a fat ass, DD breasts and a tiny waist. Holiday knew what she had and used it to her advantage any way she could. Jade knew Holiday was a gold digga but she was also her sister’s best friend. For those reasons alone she would never give her the time of day. A meal, a few drinks and a good fuck was all she was offering. Holiday was a manipulator but none of that worked on Jade. “What you want Holiday? We just tryna unwind and have a good time.” She grabbed another shot and downed it as Holiday sat in the seat she just vacated. “I see, where is Jada?” Jade could’ve slapped her for trying to ruin her buzz. “Is Jada ever here with us? Look just go and do what you do”. Holiday got up out the chair with a pout. “You don’t want me to help you unwind Jade?” she asked silkily as she bent over in front of her and started shaking her ass. “I can loosen you up real good daddy and you don’t even have to tip me…yet” she winked. Jade turned to Stoney and said “Yo I’m going to the bathroom.” Stoney nodded her head and watched her walk away.

Holiday stood there with her arms crossed and thought about following her to the bathroom. Stoney saw her face and interrupted her thoughts. “Don’t even think about it” she said with a menacing look. Holiday rolled her eyes and started walking around the club looking for her next victim. As Jade exited the restroom she bumped into someone trying to rush in. The girl fell backwards and the contents of her purse flew everywhere. “Oh shorty my bad. I aint even see you.” She bent down to help her up and gather her things. “Obviously!” the girl mumbled as she packed her bag. “I said my bad it wasn’t like I did it on purpose.” Jade stood up and offered her hand to the girl. When she looked up at Jade she took a deep breath. ‘Wow’ she thought, ‘she’s kinda cute’. Jade licked her lips and thought to herself ‘oh yeah, I‘m fucking tonight‘. “Look I’m really sorry I knocked you down. Why don’t you let me buy you a drink to make up for it?” The girl looked Jade over and noticed her diamonds and expensive attire. She smiled to herself and nodded her head completely forgetting the fact that she had to use the bathroom. As they walked towards the bar Jade caught Stoney’s eye and nodded her head towards the girl. Stoney just starting grinning. At the bar Jade was having small talk with the female who’s name was Candy. Candy was a regular hood chick looking for a come up. She spent her weekends club hopping with her friends searching for ballers. To Jade’s surprise it didn’t take any convincing on her part. Once she pulled out her black card and ordered four more bottles of Moet shorty was ready to go.

She leaned closer to Jade and whispered in her ear “Take me home baby. I want you to fuck me till I pass out” and licked her earlobe. That was just the invitation Jade was waiting for. After paying for the bottles she sent them over to the table where her friends were. Candy took her hand and lead her to the front of the building. Jade gave the valet her ticket who brought her car around in two minutes flat. She tipped him and they hopped in the car. Jade took her to a hotel not to far from the club. She was not about to take a jump off to her crib. They pulled up to the hotel and she hopped out the car. As she went to go pay for the room Candy sat in the car thinking about what kind of life she would have with Jade. She started smiling to herself as Jade jumped back in the car. Once she parked they got out and Jade handed her the room key. "Go make yourself comfortable while I grab something out the trunk". Candy did as she was told with a huge smile on her face. Jade went to the trunk and took out the bag she placed in there earlier that night. When she got in the room Candy was in the bathroom. As she got comfortable on the bed the bathroom door opened and there stood Candy with a red lace bra and matching thong. Jade had to admit she had a nice body. Plump and perky in all the right places. She walked seductively to stand at the foot of the bed with her hands on her hips. "You ready for me daddy?" she asked as she licked her lips. "Yea turn around let me look at you". Candy turned around and revealed a pair of cat eyes tattooed on the arch of her back.

The rest to be continued in TWO DAYS SO STAY TUNED!!!!!!


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    chapter by chapter this book is looking like its one for the gods! so proud of my sissy=) *besitos*

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  4. While I was reading this, it felt like I was watching this happen...ur writing is so realistic!! props once again!