Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chapter 4 Special Edition Party Time Part 1

Jada stood up as she heard the front door open and crossed her arms. Jade came through the door with a ditty bop looking like she‘d been out all night. When she saw her sister standing there she sighed. "Where are you coming from?" Jada asked . "I went to the club with Stoney and Kayron. Why you trippin'?" Jade asked as she placed a kiss on her cheek and headed towards her room. "I‘m not trippin' and I already know that part because Holiday called me". Jade rolled her eyes as she took off her mink and said "We went to the club to go relax. Is that a problem?". Jada didn't feel like going back and forth so she left it alone and sat on her sister's bed. “A close friend of mine asked me to stop by Club Ozone tonight because it's going to be a big event. I really feel like getting out tonight so I’m going to ask Holiday to go with me. My friend said she gonna put me on the VIP list and you know that’s the only way we roll,” she said lifting her hand for her twin to give her dap. Jade told her to enjoy herself and to take her black card with her. Jada knew her sister was tired so she walked over to the dresser, grabbed the card out her wallet and walked out the room.

On her way out she pulled out her iPhone and dialed her best friend’s number. When Holiday answered she asked her to go shopping for the nights event. They talked for a few minutes and made plans to meet in Midtown Manhattan. Jada threw on a pink Juicy Couture sweat suit, grabbed her keys and walked out the door. Three hours later she walked back in the house with a smile on her face. She walked by Jade's room peeked in and saw her sprawled across her bed knocked out. Jada was a little tired from all her shopping so she decided to take a nap. It was four o’clock in the afternoon so she had more than enough time to get ready. She set her alarm for six and laid down and fell asleep instantly. Jada woke up when her alarm went off and was ready to prepare for her night in the city. She stood up, stretched and started to get undressed for her shower. Although her shower didn’t have five heads like Jade’s it was still nice. Everything in the bathroom was marble including the stand up shower and Jacuzzi. Normally she would have hopped in the Jacuzzi but she knew she would never get out of there. Almost an hour later she was out of the bathroom and emptied all her shopping bags on the bed. She laid out her all white Christian Dior spaghetti strap dress and a pair of Jimmy Choo sling backs which were accented with crystals. She used Japanese Cherry Blossom to lotion her body which was her favorite scent. Once her body was moisturized she put on a white satin Victoria Secret thong. She had the perfect breasts for her dress so she didn’t need to wear a bra. Jada put her dress and shoes on then walked over to her mirror.

Satisfied with her look she unwrapped her hair and let it drop to the middle of her back. Since she was half Indian her hair was jet black and silky. At this point she was ready to apply her make-up. She wasn’t one to wear much make-up so she applied some Chanel lip gloss and some eye liner. Jada decided to go all out and put on her 2 carat diamond drop earrings with her 5 carat diamond tennis bracelet and matching necklace. She topped everything off with a platinum Rolex and a full length white mink. She was definitely dressed to kill and she knew it. It was her first night on the town as a single woman and she was going to enjoy herself. She was praying she wouldn’t see Styles tonight. Jada knew Styles was the party type and she was always at the biggest events. Removing that thought from her head she grabbed the keys to Jade’s platinum colored drop top CLK 550. She was not about to drive her Toyota looking as good as she did. Honestly she didn’t have to have a Toyota but she drove it because Styles gave it to her as a gift. She exited the house, jumped in the car and headed towards Holiday's house. After picking her up they drove to Club Ozone, the most popular lesbian club in NYC. When they arrived at the club she parked in a parking garage because she didn’t want to take any chances. After parking they checked themselves in the mirror and got out the car. Walking in the club all eyes were on them. Even though Holiday didn’t have the kind of access to money Jada did, she still looked good. She was rocking a short Gucci black dress with sling backs to match and a Blue Iris Mink Jacket.

They checked their coats and headed straight to VIP where UnkDaBoss, the CEO of Pay Day Entertainment, was waiting to receive them. Jada walked up the steps and gave Unk a hug. "Hey Unk how you been?" Unk smiled and turned to give Holiday a hug. "I've been doing a lot of big things. You know me always promoting. I'm glad you decided to come out tonight since I haven‘t seen you in so long. Where's Styles?" Jada inwardly cringed at the name but smiled at her and said "We broke up not too long ago. You definitely invited me at the right time." Unk shook her head and chuckled. "Well I'm glad you came. Relax and have fun tonight. I’ll send you over a bottle of Moet. You want anything else?" Jada told her she didn't and thanked her. Before she had a chance to walk away Unk grabbed her hand and said "Before I forget we need to set up a meeting to discuss the foundation I was telling you about." Jada nodded her head and went to sit down. As promised the bottle was sent a little while later and they began their night. They drank bottle after bottle and soon Jada forgot what she was trying to forget. Soon they were up and on the dance floor. Holiday was dancing with every single female that approached her. Jada was a little more picky and danced by herself most of the time. Hearing Unk give her a shoutout over the music she turned towards the DJ booth and blew her a kiss. As she turned around she felt someone tap her shoulder. She came face to face with a gorgeous female.

6'0 with a golden tan complexion, chestnut brown eyes shaped like a cat, a low hair cut and bright white teeth behind luscious lips stretched into a smile. Jada stood stunned for a moment but shook herself and raised one perfectly arched eyebrow. "Can I help you?" she asked with slight annoyance in her voice. "I was just wondering if I could dance with you ma" the stranger stated. "I am not your ma and no thanks I dance alone," she said as she turned away from her. The girl chuckled and backed off. She wasn't going to push the issue but vowed to see her again; it was something different about Jada. Holiday stumbled over to her best friend dragging two females with her. "Jada! This is Toni and this anyway she cute! She wanna dance with you". She pushed the unknown girl towards Jada who slowly shook her head no. "I'm good, I'm gonna go and get another drink". As she went to turn around the girl roughly grabbed her arm and pressed up behind her. "Come on shorty don't be like that. Come dance with a nigga," she said trying to sound sexy. She moved her hands down Jada's arms and placed them on her ass. Jada pulled away from the girl, turned around and slapped the hell out of her. "Don't you ever put your hands on me again!" She turned and started walking away with the girl close on her heels.

She was drunk so she stumbled and yelled "Bitch do you know who I am? I’m Tyree and don’t no bitch get away with hitting me!" Jada kept walking away as if she couldn't hear her. Tyree went to grab Jada again but someone grabbed her. When Tyree turned to see who was bold enough to grab her, her eyes widened in shock. The girl looked Tyree in the eyes and told her to leave it alone and walk away. She already knew who she was and that she was deadly serious. She was not about to try and challenge her because she knew better. Tyree looked back over her shoulder at Jada, who had stopped to see what was going on and decided she wasn‘t worth it. "You got it my dude. I didn‘t know she was with you," she said with fear in her voice. She released Tyree and watched as she walked away. Then she turned and faced Jada who was still standing in the middle of the floor.



  1. NICEEE!!!! Lovin it sis!

  2. who was it? who scared Tyree off?! damnit! I gots to wait another week?

  3. Please tell me this is one of those QUICK things lyk its going to be continued REALLY soon lyk a matter of a day, c'mon we can't wait a whole week!!

    It's amazing tho, good work so far :D

  4. haha! yes! so i saw unk , and tyree, when is that character named work it gonnam ake her grand entrance ! im so loving it ! thursday are officially my day of lezbyionage! love u sissy =}

  5. Unk is a real life character by Tyree is just a ficticious person........part 2 will be hot

  6. oh goshhh! you're kidding right? lol this is like a new year's eve prank and part two is gonna be posted in the morning right?
    writing is a skill that many possess but most don't use or master and you're doing an amazing job at both. I can't wait for part two!

  7. aoooooooooow go unk! and i bet that was Stoney that grabbed up ole girl! HA! great read!