Friday, December 25, 2009

Chapter 3 Relax Relate Release Continued


That really turned Jade on so she was ready to get started. Candy crawled on the bed until she reached Jade and slid on top of her. She kissed her behind her left earlobe and Jade felt shivers run through her body. She wasn’t there to make love so she grabbed Candy by her arms and flipped her over so she would be on top. She raised her arms above her head and held them there while she started sucking on her nipples. Candy’s breathing began to rapidly increase as she moaned with pleasure. Jade took her free hand and ran it down her stomach till she reached her thong. She grabbed the edge of her thong and slowly removed it from her grinding hips. She was so hot and wet Jade could feel her juices as she slid down her thighs. She started playing with her joy button and increased the pressure as Candy began to moan louder. She then proceeded to insert two fingers into her throbbing wetness. She slowly pushed them in and out while she continued to pressed her joy button with her thumb.

Candy started grabbing the sheets and grinding so Jade started pumping harder and faster. Candy was on the verge of an orgasm and Jade knew it. Candy started screaming louder and pumping faster. Jade smiled and removed her fingers before she had a chance to reach ecstasy. "What the fuck?! Why you stop daddy? I was about to come!" Jade just grinned as she got off the bed. She grabbed her bag of goodies and pulled out some anal beads, a pocket rocket and her strap. Candy saw all the contents and got even wetter if that was possible. She crawled over to the edge of the bed, turned around and put her ass in the air and said “Spank me daddy“. Jade walked over and slapped her ass. "Yes daddy I like that shit" she moaned as Jade slapped her ass again. Jade told her to lay on her back and give her a show as she prepared herself. Candy did as she was told and started massaging between her legs.

Jade was enjoying the show so she pulled out her camera phone and took a few shots. She threw the phone to the side and grabbed Candy by her hips to pull her closer. Once she had her on the edge of the bed she turned her on her knees. She began to insert the beads one by one as Candy massaged her clitoris. Candy was so wet she didn’t need any lubrication. When all of the beads were inserted she flipped her over. When she was laying flat on her back Jade leaned over her and started sucking on her breasts and playing with her button once again. When she felt her body shiver she inserted her soldier inside of her. Candy moaned from pleasure and started grinding hard and deep. Jade grabbed her hips and stroked her like a pro. With every stroke she hit harder, faster and deeper. Candy started calling her everything but Jade. She went from calling her a muthafuka to screaming for God.

Jade was enjoying every minute of it. She pulled out and stood Candy up then bent her over the dresser. Hitting it from the back was her favorite position. When she entered her again Candy could no longer contain herself. Jade was holding her hips and stroking her with a hypnotizing rhythm that made her body shake uncontrollably. Although she never got close to a woman, Jade prided herself on satisfying whoever she took to bed. Once again before Candy could reach her orgasm Jade pulled out. She went to the bed and laid down signaling for Candy to get on top of her. Candy got on top and rode Jade like the pro she knew herself to be. Jade was enjoying every minute of it. From the grinding in circles to the waves and the bouncing up and down. She was convinced that Candy was definitely a pro. She lifted her off of her and turned her on her back. It was time to finish what she came to do.

She pulled her to the edge of the bed once again and entered her. This time she was moving so hard and fast Candy dug her nails into her back. That turned Jade on even more and she went deeper. She slowed down only to grab the rocket on her left. Before she could even turn it on Candy was ready to cum. Jade turned the rocket on and place it on her button while she stroked her. When she saw her lift her hips to meet her she pushed her soldier all the way to the hilt inside of her and stopped. "Yes daddy keep going. Fuck me baby!" Jade smiled on the inside and pulled out and rammed back in. Candy screamed in pleasure and tried to keep up with her frantic pace. She pounded in and out till she finally heard her say she was about too come. "Oh my God daddy I'm cuuumin! I'm cuuummm oh yes I'm co--AHHHH!" As she came Jade slowly pulled out the anal beads one by one which made her orgasm last longer.

Once they were all out she slowed her pace and listened to her satisfied moans. She pulled out of her and watched as Candy laid there still shivering from her intense orgasm. Jade went to get cleaned up and when she came back Candy was fast asleep. Jade got dressed and gathered her belongings leaving all the toys behind. She then pulled out a wad of cash and left cab fare on the night stand. This wasn't a sleep over it was a quick nut. She looked back at the sleeping Candy and said with a laugh "Thanks for the ride ma" and walked out the door.


  1. haha! I knew it, I somehow for saw candy getting kicked the fuck out! i dont do straps and all but that sounded like some good ass sex ugh! just what I needed on this lonely christmas day away from home . thanks sissy!

  2. DAMNITDAMNITDAMNIT! Someone PLEZE give Jade my number! *throws bra*

  3. lmaoo @ *throws bra* comment! Ummmmmmmmmmmmm eeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrr uuuuuuuuuuuuuh! WOW

  4. im finally taking the time to sit and catch up on what i have missed ...nd im happy ;) that im able to catch up.

    im NOT a strap nor anal bead kind of gyal BUT that sh.t sounded REALLLLL right, i want somethin like that ...*yessss*