Friday, January 1, 2010

Chapter 4 Special Addition Time Part 2

They locked eyes for a brief moment but Jada broke it off first. She turned around and walked straight into Unk. "Jada are you ok, what happened?" she asked sounding concerned. Jada nodded her head letting her know she was ok and then explained what happened. It pissed Unk off that someone would try to get stupid at her event. She was even more furious because Jada was her special invited guest. She was about to go and handle the situation but Jada pulled her back. She told her it was alright because someone already defused it. She raised her hand and pointed in the direction of the mysterious stranger and asked who she was. " Unk turned around in time to see the female walking away with a smile. "Oh that's Preme. She's a real good dude. She comes out and supports a lot of PayDay events. I'm not surprised she brought things to order. Do you want me to introduce you?“ Jada ignored the question and watched as her rescuer walked away.

Unk was concerned about her well being since she was the one who invited her there. “Yo Jada I don’t want anything to happen to you while your here. I know how your twin get down so you gon chill wit me for the rest of the night“. She grabbed Jada’s hand and led her upstairs to where all the models were getting ready for the fashion show. Unk stopped at the bar to grab a glass of champagne for Jada and handed it to her. They continued to walk towards the back stopping a few times as people stopped Unk and asked questions. “You definitely got everything under control around here,” Jada said as she looked around at all the movement. Unk laughed as she said “Yeah it only looks like that because I got you back here with me. I gotta make a good impression. It’s usually really crazy because I have to run around the whole club and make sure everything is on point. Can’t have the guests disappointed”.

Jada nodded her head and took a sip from her glass. It was going to be great working with Unk. She had a head for business and made sure everything was running as smoothly as possible. She followed Unk back downstairs and towards the DJ booth. As she stood there she watched her good friend go over the play list for the fashion show. She showed the DJ which tracks were for which fashion designer’s models and when to play and stop the music. After confirming the track list, they went over to the MC for the night and told him to start the show. Jada and Unk took their seats on the side of the runway and watched the show. When it was all over many people came over to them to congratulate Unk on such a successful show. Unk was excited about the turn out and was ready to celebrate. She turned to Jada and said “Now it’s really time to party”. She escorted Jada to the bar and got her some more champagne.

She on the other hand decided to have a Heineken. Unk wasn’t much of a dancer so she just two stepped on the sidelines. She was really having a good time and was thankful for another successful event. Jada was a little tipsy now so she was really getting her two step on. When a song played she wasn’t too into, she looked down at her watch and noticed it was almost four in the morning. She turned to Unk and leaned over to yell in her ear, “It’s getting late and I’m getting tired. I think I’m gonna get out of here.” Unk nodded her head and yelled back “Ok, grab your stuff I’ll walk yall to the car.” Jada nodded and watched Unk walk away. She then searched the dance floor for Holiday but she was nowhere in sight. She sighed heavily and decided to wait for her in the car. Jada went to the coat check and got her coat and then headed outside. Unk was already standing out there waiting for her.

“Where’s Holiday?” she asked as she looked around for Jada’s friend. “I have no idea. You know Holiday, she probably up in some wanna be baller face. Let’s go”. They turned and started walking in the direction of the garage when Jada felt someone lightly tap her shoulder. When she turned around she found herself face to face with Preme once again. “Are you stalking me?” Jada stated with slight flirtation in her voice. Unk turned to see who Jada was talking to and smiled when she saw her homie. “What up Preme. Thanks for coming out tonight, and thank you for handling that situation earlier” she said as she gave Preme dap. “Not a problem. You know I always come out to support and have a good time.” Preme turned her attention back to Jada. “My name is Supreme but everyone calls me Preme. Can I have the pleasure in knowing your name?” she asked with a smooth voice that had just enough bass to send chills through Jada's body. Jada looked her up and down and said with much attitude trying to hide her attraction, “Jada” Preme laughed at her hostile tone of voice. “Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Jada. Hopefully I’ll have the pleasure of seeing you again sometime soon.”

She turned to Unk and gave her dap again while saying,“It’s always a pleasure. I signed up for your email list at I look forward to the next event. Oh and don’t forget to let me know when you are ready to meet about the foundation project you put me on to. Just hit the cell.” Unk smiled and responded, “Most definitely. We gonna meet up soon. Have a safe night.” Preme looked at Jada one last time with desire in her eyes and then walked to her all black Aston Martin. Unk motioned for Jada to continue towards the garage so she started moving her feet. She couldn't resist turning around to see if she was still watching her; she was and winked at her. Jada shook her head and smiled to herself. She was definitely not ready for a relationship. Being Supreme's presence made her feel feeling she never felt before. She ignored the emotions going on inside of her and continued to walk. When she reached the garage she saw Holiday standing there with some random chick all over her.

Jada was not in the mood. "Holiday what the fuck are you doing, let's go“. Holiday acted as if she didn't hear her so Jada told her she would leave her ass right there. She heard Unk laughing as she walked off to retrieve her vehicle. Jada was ready to go as she pulled out of the parking lot. Holiday was so into the girl she just leaned on the hood of the car. She continued to talk and Jada was fed up so she put the car in reverse. Without the car to support her Holiday squealed and fell to the floor. Jada and Unk laughed again as they watched her struggle to stand up. Jada rolled her window down and shouted "Let's go!" Unk walked over to Holiday and helped her stand up. “I think you had too much to drink miss. Let me help you in the car.” Holiday giggled as she tried to slide her body across Unk’s. Unk saw it coming so she just backed away quickly.

She already knew Holiday and what she was about. Besides that she already has her special lady. “Thank you so much Unk. Your always so sweet”. She giggled again as Unk helped her in to the passenger seat. When she closed the door she walked over to Jada’s window and stuck her head inside. “It’s what I do. Gotta make sure everyone gets home ok. You guys alright?” Jada patted Unk on her cheek. “We’re fine. We had a great time and as usual it was off the chain. Make sure you call me for that meeting we discussed earlier. My schedule is open for you”. Unk winked at Jada and took her head out the window. “I will definitely do that. You drive safe. Hit me up when you get home.” Jada winked back and rolled up her window. She watched as her friend walked away. She was very proud of her accomplishments.

She is the CEO of PayDay Entertainment which has two divisions. Femme side which is PayDay Kyutes and the AG side which is Team PayDay. She also has PayDay Management where she managed a R&B singer and a Rapper. To top it all off she was getting ready to start her own foundation for gay/lesbian teens. Jada just smiled as she started the car and headed towards her best friend’s house. Holiday turned towards Jada with a frown. "Why you do that? I was just getting to know....whatever her name was," she slurred. Then she started to giggle and laid back. "I had so much fun tonight. What about you?" Jada smiled as she thought of the nights events. Not once had she thought about Styles or the fight. “I had a pretty good time.” Holiday turned and looked at her best friend with shock. “A pretty good time? That’s it? All them girls in there tryna holla and you only had a pretty good time?!”

She shook her head and relaxed against her seat. “If I had all those AG's checking for me, they all would have been tricking tonight”. Jada laughed and asked, “Trick on you? Is that all you think about? I wasn't studying none of them anyway. I’m not tryna be in no relationship right now”. “A relationship? Who said anything about the R word? I’m just talking about having fun and enjoying the single life. Leave your heart out of it. That’s what I do,” Holiday said sleepily. “I’m gonna have to put you up on game. The best way to prevent heart ache is to focus on the wallet” was the last thing she said before she drifted off to sleep. Jada drove in silence as she thought about her best friends last remark. It had some truth to it. Every time she put her heart into her relationships it ended in turmoil. Maybe it was time to do things differently. Even though she felt Holiday was right her mind drifted back to Supreme. She didn't know anything about her, but she just felt different being around her. Once again she shook the thought of Supreme out of her mind. She arrived in front of Holiday’s house and shook her awake. Saying goodbye to her friend, she watched as she stumbled up her walkway and into the house. Jada drove off with a smile on her face. It was time to turn things around in her favor.

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