Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chapter 7 "Who Shot Ya"

Jada couldn’t believe what she was hearing on the other end of her phone. She dropped it because of the loud sound of the gun shot. She was still in a state of shock as she searched for her phone. Finally finding it halfway under the passenger seat, she frantically picked it up and looked at the caller ID. She felt all the air rush out of her body as she realized it was Holiday’s number. With her hands shaking uncontrollably, she lifted the phone to her ear and held her breath. Hearing a female voice in the background she strained to figure out what she was saying. “That bitch tried to play me for a sucka. I’m Lucky bitch, you fucked wit the wrong one!” she said with rage in her voice. Jada covered her mouth with her hand to stifle her cries. Then she heard another voice; this time a male. “Did you have to shoot her here though? This is the fucking Regency Lucky.

Shit, it’s smack dead in the middle of Downtown Manhattan so how the fuck we gon get rid of the body! I don‘t know what the fuck you be thinking sometimes. Plus we up here on the fifteenth fucking floor, we can‘t carry her body all the way down stairs! We need to get outta here yo!” her partner said with urgency. “Yo Tommy you getting soft son. I got on gloves so my finger prints aint no where in here. Fuck that bitch! Let’s go,” Lucky said. Jada heard some footsteps followed by the sound of a door closing. She listened for a few more seconds and then she let out a wail full of despair and sorrow. Throwing her phone to the side, she put her car in gear and raced toward the hotel. She knew exactly where the hotel was located and she was only ten minutes away. Racing along the streets like a mad woman she finally pulled up to the front of the hotel. Not even turning the car off she grabbed her phone, flung the door open and raced inside.

Jada didn‘t know what she would find but she was hoping her best friend was still alive. Running past the front desk she only slowed down slightly to yell, “Call the ambulance right now! My friend has been shot, she’s on the fifteenth floor!” Seeing the elevator doors open she pushed past the people already waiting and she frantically hit the button for the fifteenth floor. As the elevator rode up, the people who made it inside looked at her with confusion. The doors finally opened to her floor and once again she pushed past everyone. She didn’t know what room Holiday was in so she pulled out her phone and called her. She slowly moved passed every door listening for T-Pain’s Chopped & Screwed which was her ring tone. She had to hang up and call back a few times before she finally reached the right door. The door was completely closed but she tried the handle anyway.

For some reason the door was not locked and that was weird to Jada. Swallowing her fear, she pushed it open. She had to cover her mouth to muffle her scream. Jada stared at her best friend hanging off the edge of the bed covered in blood. There was so much blood she couldn’t tell where she was shot. Not caring about anything else, she ran to her friend and shook her violently. “Holiday please don’t die on me girl I need you!” she screamed. Not getting a response she started crying again. Before she knew it, paramedics and hotel security were everywhere. She felt herself getting pushed back as the paramedics went to work. Jada was in such shock that she didn’t hear the police when they approached her. They noticed the blank stare in her eyes so they called over a paramedic to check her out. Jada finally snapped out of her daze when she saw Holiday being wheeled out.

“Where are they taking her? Is she alive? Will she be ok?” she asked in a panic. “She’s still breathing but we won’t know until we get her to the hospital. Right now the police have a few questions to ask you,” the paramedic stated. There was no way she was staying behind while they took Holiday. “If they want to ask me any questions then they can ask me at the hospital,” she said forcefully. Jada exited the room with the paramedics and made her way downstairs. After finding out what hospital Holiday was being taken to, she got in her car and drove straight there. When she parked the car, she dropped her head onto her steering wheel. Jada decided to call her sister and let her know what was going on. Jade answered her phone on the first ring as usual because she knew it was her twin. “What it do twin?” Jada responded with sobs as she cried.

Jade immediately became alarmed and asked her sister where she was. Jada got herself together enough to tell her twin her location. Jade told her to stay where she was and that she would be there as soon as she could. When Jada hung up the phone she just sat in her car. She could not believe what was going on. It didn’t make any sense at all; who would want to kill Holiday? She knew her best friend was a gold digga, but she was up front about her shit. She never lied to any of the chicks she dated about anything so why would someone do this to her? Jada continued to cry sitting in her car because she was afraid to go in alone. A half hour had passed when she finally saw Jade pull up. Taking a deep breath, she willed herself to get out of the car. As soon as Jade parked her car, she rushed out and hugged her sister tight. Jada held on just as tight and finally broke down.

She cried with confusion and pain as she kept asking herself why did this happen. When she was finished, Jade stepped back and looked down at her sister. “What happened?” Jada couldn’t respond to her sister‘s question. Jade just stood there and waited, knowing her sister needed time to collect her thoughts. When she was finally ready she told her everything that happened from the time she got the phone call till now. Jade listened intently. She didn’t say anything but it all sounded funny to her. She grabbed Jada’s hand and lead her inside of the hospital. They went straight to the nurses station and asked about Holiday. They were told that she was still in surgery so they would have to wait for a doctor to come and talk to them. Jade told her sister she was gonna hit the streets and see if they were talking yet. She asked her if she would be ok alone. Jada responded by nodding her head up and down.



  1. i cant not believe that!Holiday damn! u did that sis!