Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chapter 6 New Beginnings Part 2

Even though the words left her mouth she felt differently inside. It was like Jada had some type of magnetic hold on her. Stoney took a step closer to her and started to reach out to her but stopped. ‘Fuck it. This might be the last time anyway’ she thought to herself. She grabbed Jada and pulled her in for a kiss. Jada couldn’t even fight it and melted right into her arms. When Stoney felt her soften under her touch she realized what she was doing and cursed herself. She knew she couldn’t have her and this would make it harder to let go. She pulled away roughly and let Jada go making her stumble forward. “Ima get outta here yo,” she said as she walked towards the door in a haste. Jada was still a little dazed but was brought out of her dream state by the slam of the door. She just stood there in amazement, not believing what just happened. After she thought about it she was glad Stoney did what she did.

She was a damn good kisser and things could have went a lot further. She liked Stoney’s touch but there was nothing between them other than that. Being in the house was not an option at this point so she grabbed her keys and walked out. Once she was in the car she started driving aimlessly in silence. She didn’t know what to do so she headed to the city. When she looked up she was at the pier so she parked and got out the car. While walking along the pier she found herself looking out along the darkness of the water. As she walked up to the railing, she saw someone standing there. Not wanting to disturb the other person Jada turned to walk away. As she turned she heard someone call her name. Turning around, she squinted into the darkness trying to see who the stranger was. The voice sounded slightly familiar but she couldn’t put a face to it.

She watched as the shadowed figure walked closer to the light. When she was finally able to see who it was she actually started to laugh. “I swear you gotta be stalking me.” She smiled as Supreme stopped in front of her. “I‘m not stalking you ma, I just happen to be at the right place at the right time,” she said and smiled brightly. When she smiled Jada noticed her deep dimples. Jada was definitely attracted to her but tried to keep her composure. “What has you down at the pier all alone?” she asked Supreme. “I come here to think sometimes when I need to clear my head.” Supreme didn’t feel the need to tell her she was never alone. Her henchmen were discreetly moving around the pier watching her back. Jada smiled and walked up to the railing to look over. Supreme followed her lead and stood next to her. Neither one of them spoke. Jada stared at the water and Supreme stared at her.

She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have Jada end up on the pier. Ever since the club, Supreme couldn’t get Jada out of her head. She watched as Jada’s hair flew in the slight breeze and thought she had to have her. Jada turned to find Supreme’s eyes on her and felt herself blush. The intensity of her stare made Jada hot. She couldn‘t deny what she felt inside but it bothered her that Supreme could make her feel this way without even knowing her. Pushing away from the railing she started walking again. When she saw that Supreme was still leaning against the railing, she raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you coming?” Grinning widely, Supreme walked to where Jada was standing and grabbed her hand. Jada’s first instinct was to pull away but she resisted the urge. When their fingers interlocked it felt natural; like this was meant to be. Jada felt at peace walking with Supreme.

They connected in a way where the silence between them was comfortable instead of awkward. The whole situation was completely new to her but she liked it. “What has you out here in the middle of the night ma?” Supreme asked. Jada took her time to answer. Stoney was the reason she was out there but she wasn’t about to say that to Supreme. “I just needed to clear my thoughts. I wasn’t headed anywhere special but I‘m glad I bumped into a friendly face,” she said earnestly. Supreme looked down at her watch knowing she had something important to do. She was always about her business but she couldn‘t bring herself to leave Jada. “Would you like to talk about what‘s on your mind?” Supreme asked with concern. Jada shook her head no and stopped. “I’d rather talk about something else if you don’t mind.” Supreme looked down at Jada and fell in love with the beauty of her eyes.

She decided she wanted Jada to be hers for life. Supreme let go of her hand lifted both of her hands toward Jada’s face. Jada closed her eyes and exhaled. Supreme gently caressed her cheek and marveled at how soft her skin was. She was giving Jada exactly what she needed at that moment. It was such a change to have someone be openly soft with her and mean it. Supreme had a rough exterior but with Jada she was sensual. When she felt her pull her hands away she opened her eyes and saw Supreme smiling down at her. “I have to get going. I’m glad that I was able to see you tonight though. Would it be possible to see you again sometime?” A distraction from the chaos she called her life was what Jada needed. She said yes and they exchanged numbers. Supreme grabbed Jada‘s hand again and insisted on walking her to her car. They walk to the car was short but they talked about the night at the club.

When they reached the CLK they just stood there looking at each other. Neither one of them was quite ready to leave. Jada felt like a school girl again. She had butterflies in her stomach and couldn’t look in her eyes. Supreme lifted Jada’s head so she could look in her eyes. “It was a pleasure seeing you again Jada. You are certainly someone I would like to get to know,” she said with that sexy bass in her voice that turned Jada on. She smiled and said, “I enjoyed our walk and your company as well Supreme.” Supreme loved the way she spoke her name with such a soft tone. She leaned in and kissed Jada on her forehead. “Hit me know when you get in the crib so I‘ll know your safe.” Supreme didn’t wait for a response; she just disappeared into the dark. Jada knew she shouldn’t be falling for Supreme but she couldn’t help it. Lord help her because she just knew she was heading for trouble.

Supreme made her feel weak for her and she wasn’t strong enough to love someone right now. As Jada pulled off her phone rang. When she answered she heard someone screaming on the other end. She couldn’t make out the voice but the next thing she heard made her drop her phone and slam hard on her break.


  1. i loved it...i cant wait to see what happens with Supreme and Jada nd Stoney and Jada! lol keep up the good work =]

  2. It's always the bad boys that are so freaking charming. I can't wait to see how things unfold for all the characters. Love the novel...can't wait until next week to find out what happens.

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  5. good shit as always sis...i'm proud of u

  6. change this sentence in paragraph seven “Hit me know when you get in the crib so I‘ll know your safe.” ...i do this bc i love u...and i want it to be perfect...i love this story so much! ugh i feel like i know them lol