Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chapter 5 "TRUTH BE TOLD"

Jada sat on the couch flipping through channels as she listened to Holiday complain about some random chick she was messing with. “I‘m mad I even let that bitch know where I live wit her broke ass,” she said with attitude. “I told you not to take her to your crib. You met her in the grocery store for goodness sake,” Jada stated almost laughing. She rolled her eyes as Holiday tried to justify her actions. Hearing the doorbell ring she told her best friend she would call her back and got up to answer the door. When she opened the door she was surprised to see her friend Madison. Madison grew up with Jada and Holiday but they didn‘t hang out much anymore. She was a successful attorney so she really didn’t have the time. When she did have time she would only visit Jada. She didn’t like the lifestyle that Holiday grew up and got accustomed to so she stayed away from her.

“Hi Madison how have you been? I‘m surprised to see you.” Jada stepped to the side to let her friend in the house. Madison came in and took off her coat. “I’m doing really good. I’ve been trying to catch up with you for a while now.” Madison sat on the couch and turned to look at Jada. “I went by your house to try and find you. When I pulled up I saw Jade and Stoney coming out dressed in all black. What happened?” Jada sat next to her friend and proceeded to tell her everything that went down. She just sat there in shock. When Jada was done Madison said, “I missed a lot huh? I guess that’s why Kayron was pulling up to the house when I was leaving.” Jada looked at Madison with a blank stare. She couldn‘t move or speak. Madison kept talking not noticing Jada’s sudden stillness. Hearing Kayron’s name let Jada know Styles was dead. She knew he only came around to clean up after Jade and Stoney completed a job.

She sat and thought about how close they were. Even when Jade and Stoney didn’t want her around, Kayron would always make sure she was included. She was the one who went with him to get his first set of testosterone shots. He always took her with him because he didn‘t feel Stoney and Jade would be able to understand. Kayron was a tomboy from the beginning. Jade and Stoney knew about the transition he was going through, but they couldn’t show the love and understanding he needed like Jada did. She remembered her long conversations with Kayron about his transition and they both knew that is what made them so close. Kayron never shared with anyone what he shared with Jada. That’s why it hurt her that he didn’t even feel the need to tell her what went down. Jada stood up abruptly cutting Madison off in mid-sentence. “I just remembered that I have to be somewhere.

I’m gonna call you later. We can have dinner and catch up ok?” She gathered up Madison’s belongings and pushed her towards the door with urgency. “I’m sorry to rush you like this but I really do have to go,” she stated. Not giving her friend a chance to respond she nodded her head goodbye and closed the door on her confused face. Jada leaned against the door and let out a deep sigh. She couldn’t fathom the thought of Styles being dead. She walked over to the couch with unsteady legs and sat down. After they told her they wouldn’t kill her they went and did it anyway. As she sat there staring at her slippers, she heard the door unlock then Stoney and Jade came through the door laughing. Jade walked over and sat next to her sister. She waved her hand in front of her face and saw Jada didn’t even blink. Jade looked up at Stoney confused.

She snapped her fingers a couple times and finally got Jada to blink. Jade watched as Jada slowly turned her head to look right at her. The next thing she knew Jada smacked her across the cheek. “What the fuck!” Jade jumped up off the couch and watched as Jada slowly got up. When they were face to face Jada punched her sister in the chest as hard as she could. “Why did you do it? Why did you have to go and kill her?” she screamed at the top of her lungs. Tears were pouring down her face as she swung wildly at her twin. Stoney walked over and tried to grab Jada but she turned to face her and started pounding on her. “Don’t think you‘re gonna get off the hook. I told you to watch her! Yall just don‘t fucking listen!” she said screaming. Stoney stood there and let the hits continue because she felt like shit. She knew Jada would be mad but there was no way Styles could live.

Jade grabbed her sister by the arm and turned her around. Looking in her eyes she said, “Calm down. Your lucky I don’t have neighbors close enough to hear you. If I did we would all be done for. Now if you would listen to me then you would understand.” Jada snatched her arm away from her sister and looked at her angrily. “I don’t wanna hear shit about it. You did the one thing I asked you not to do and had the nerve to keep it from me!” She turned towards Stoney and just looked at her. Her silence hurt Stoney more than any words could have. Jade shook her head and walked towards her room. She wasn’t about to stand there and let her sister rag on her. She knew she did what she had to do to protect her sister and her own reputation. Stoney and Jada continued to stare at each other even after hearing Jade’s bedroom door slam.

Stoney tried to take a step towards her but Jada took a step back. “Don’t come anywhere near me. I can’t even look at you anymore.” she turned away from her and walked around the couch towards her bedroom. Stoney stood there with her head down for a minute. She felt horrible but she was gonna make Jada see and understand why they did what they did. She walked into her room and had to duck real fast to avoid the flying shoe. “Get the hell outta my room! I don’t wanna see either one of you!” Stoney watched as Jada stomped out of her room and into the bathroom. Completely ignoring Jada’s wishes she went and sat on her bed. She was going to sit there for as long as needed. Knowing that Jade would just ignore her sister until she calmed down, she had to be the one to make it better. She was contemplating what to say as she heard the shower start.

Hearing the shower made her figure she would be there a while. The more she thought, she started to feel like a punk. Stoney thought her feelings for Jada were obvious at this point. She shook her head and stood up to leave. As she walked out the room she heard the bathroom door open and turned to look in that direction. What she saw made her eyes widen and her jaw drop. Jada strolled out of the bathroom with her robe untied. She was wearing a black bra with boy shorts from Victoria’s Secret. Her hair was up in a bun with a few tendrils hanging on the side of her face. She was the most gorgeous woman Stoney had ever seen. When Jada realized Stoney was standing there staring at her, she fastened her robe in a hurry. Stoney got her senses together and gave Jada her back. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare. I was just caught off guard that’s all. I’ll just talk to you when your done.”

Cursing herself for that rookie mistake, Stoney started to walk away. Before she could go too far she felt a light touch on her back and froze. She turned to face Jada who was looking down and shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “Listen, I’m sorry for going crazy on you. It’s just the way I found out was foul. Deep down I knew ya‘ll would kill her. I knew Jade wasn’t gonna let it go that easily. It just caught me off guard and I guess I overreacted,” she said quietly. Jada walked back to her room and sat on the bed. Stoney followed behind her and sat down too. She tried to keep her eyes on Jada’s face instead of her upper thighs, which were being exposed. She cleared her throat and said, “You didn’t overreact. We knew it wouldn’t sit well with you. Styles already knew the deal when she put her hands on you.” she stated softly. Jada laid her head on Stoney‘s shoulder.

She let out a sigh and lifted her head again. She turned and looked Stoney in the eyes as she said, “Thank you for always being here for me. I really do appreciate what you and Jade do for me.” Stoney sat and stared into her eyes and watched as Jada licked her lips. It only made her wish that she was the one who was licking those lips. Before she realized what was happening, she felt herself moving closer. Instead of stopping her like she was expecting, Jada closed her eyes. She took that as a green light and went in for the kill. Soon her wildest dreams came true as she kissed her soft and supple lips. Jada sighed with content as she wrapped her arms around Stoney’s neck. Soon they were both getting deeper into the kiss. She felt Stoney’s hands run up her thighs and settle on her ass. Stoney couldn’t get enough of her and slid her tongue deeper into her mouth.

With intense passion Stoney moved her hands from her ass up to her breasts. Her nipples were totally erect so Stoney squeezed them with her two fingers lightly. Jada moaned with pleasure as the moisture between her legs began to develop. She begged Stoney to take her breast in her mouth. She chose to suck on her neck instead and moved her hand from her breasts back between her legs. Jada‘s hormones were going crazy from all the kissing and touching. Styles never made her feel like this before. It was like Stoney had magic fingers. Her legs began to tremble as she threw her head back. The intense heat between them had them both in a daze. Neither one of them heard the door open. When Jada lifted her head back up, she opened her eyes and froze. The sudden change in her demeanor brought Stoney out of her zone. She turned around to see what had Jada stuck and her jaw dropped when she saw who was standing there.


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