Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chapter 7 "Who Shot Ya 2"

Jade got up and kissed her on her cheek. “Make sure you call me if anything changes,” Jade said softly. Walking out of the hospital she pulled out her phone and dialed Stoney’s number. “Yo,” Stoney answered sleepily. She sat up on her bed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “Yo get up nigga I need you to meet me at my house asap. I’m leaving the hospital now. Holiday got shot and we need to find out what the fuck is going on.” Jade didn‘t wait for Stoney to respond. She hung up the phone and jump in her truck then headed home. Jada sat in the hospital waiting room looking around. Watching the people huddled together talking quietly made her realized how alone she was. She knew she couldn‘t be alone at the moment. She pulled out her phone wondering who she could call. The first to come to mind was Supreme so she immediately located her number.

Even though Supreme didn’t know Holiday she made Jada feel safe. Therefore there was no debating as she pressed send and waited for her to answer the phone. “Hello?” Jada heard her smooth baritone voice and instantly started to relax. “Hey. It’s Jada. Did I wake you?” she asked nervously. Supreme smiled when she heard her voice. “No. I rarely get any sleep. Are you ok ma?” Supreme could hear the slight tremor in Jada’s voice. “Honestly no I‘m not. I’m sitting in the hospital right now.” Supreme stood up forgetting about the paperwork she was currently looking over. “What happened? What hospital? Are you ok?” she asked anxiously. Jada smiled hearing the genuine concern coming from her. “I’m fine. It’s my best friend. She was shot and now I’m sitting here waiting for the doctor to tell me what’s going on.” Jada sniffled trying to hold back the tears that so desperately wanted to be released.

Supreme heard the pain in her voice and wanted to hold her. “Tell me what hospital your at and I‘ll come chill wit you while you wait.” Jada truly appreciated the fact that she didn’t have to ask her to come. She told her the location and secretly thanked God for sending someone to be by her side. When they hung up she started reminiscing about her and Holiday as young girls. As Jada waited for Supreme, Jade and Stoney were sitting in the living room of Jade’s house discussing everything that went down. “We gotta figure this shit out cuz the whole damn thing sounds funny to me,” Jade told her best friend. “From what you told me the shit do sound funny. Imma hit the streets so we should know something by the end of the day,” Stoney stated. Jade had a lot of nervous energy so she stood up and started to pace the floor. “Where is Kayron? We got some other business to discuss.”

As Stoney started to tell her she told him to come over, there was a knock at the door. Walking to the door she opened it and stepped to the side to let Kayron in. After filling him in on what happened, they started to discuss the meeting Jade had earlier that night. “As you both know I had a meeting concerning a really big job. We were referred to him by a really big client we had last year. The job will be long and dangerous. Nothing we can’t handle though.” Kayron was with it so he looked towards Stoney to see her reaction. “What‘s the job?” Jade sat back down in the chair and proceeded to explain the preliminaries of the job to her two partners. “We gonna have to take out a few people that are getting in the way of the client. We will get each target one at a time whenever the client is ready to disclose that information. The client has offered to pay us a half million dollars at the end of the job. Each.” Kayron whistled as he heard the amount.

He was thinking what they all were thinking; for stacks like that they are definitely taking the job. Jade looked at her friends and could tell they were down. They always had her back whenever she needed them so why would that change now. As she leaned back in her chair, her phone started ringing. It was Jada. “Wats good sis everything ok?” Listening intently to her sister she started to relax. “Ok so you need me to come and get you?” she asked anxiously. Stoney watched as Jade suddenly tensed up and started to frown. “Well, be careful yo. Let me know when you on your way back to the crib.” Jade listened for a few more seconds then hung up. When she sat there and didn’t say anything Stoney couldn’t take it and asked, “What happened?” Jade looked up at Stoney but had a far away look in her eyes. “Holiday is gonna be ok. She said the surgery went well and she was talking a little bit but she don’t remember nothing.

She was shot in her chest and the bullet just missed her heart. It went straight through and came out the back. So it didn’t cause to much damage. It’s gonna take a while for her to heal so she will be staying with us,” she said distractedly. Kayron looked over in confusion. “That sounds like good news. Why you over there all uptight? I know you don‘t fuck with Holiday like that but damn she just got shot J.” Looking down at her clenched hands, Jade slowly let the tension out of her body. “It‘s not that K. I was just thrown off by what Jada just told me. She said she’s fine and she’s wit Supreme. Yall already know how I am about my lil sister.” Kayron looked over at Stoney who had suddenly tensed up. “Yo I heard Preme paper is long as hell but nobody really knows what she does. She got major influence in the music industry too. Everybody who‘s anybody know Preme so I can understand your concern,“ Kayron stated matter of factually.

Stoney on the other hand became irritated. She couldn’t sit there and listen any longer. “Are we done here yo? I need to go see what’s going on in these streets.” Without waiting for a response, Stoney stormed out of the house and slammed the door. Jade looked at K with a question in her eyes but he just shrugged. Jade ignored it and told Kayron about the first hit. She explained how she felt it should go down. Kayron agreed and told her to let him know when Stoney finds out anything. The situation with Holiday was personal and needed to be handled immediately.


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    Amazing Job.

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