Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chapter 6 New Beginnings

While Jada, Jade and Stoney were arguing, Kayron was way on the other side of town handling some business. He was spending his day trying to get a court order to change his ID over. Legally changing his name and sex was all he needed to complete his transition. He was excited and feeling high on life. After a while he left the court house with his order in hand. He hopped in his midnight blue Range Rover which was parked not to far from the entrance. Once in the car he pulled out his phone and tried to call Jada. He got her voice mail so decided to drive over to Jade‘s house. Kayron was excited to share his news with Jada. A half hour later he pulled up to the front of the house and parked. He got out the car and practically ran to the door to knock on it. When no one came to the door he knocked a little harder. Still getting no answer he jiggled the doorknob and the door opened.

Jade would never leave her door unlocked so an alarm immediately went off in his head. He grabbed his Desert Eagle from the small of his back and slowly walked in. He quickly scanned the living room and crept in further. After a few steps he stopped and waited for a few seconds to listen for any movement. He heard noise coming from Jada’s room. Kayron took a deep breath and walked up to her door. He prepared himself then pushed the door open with his gun raised; he couldn’t believe his eyes. He stood dumbfounded as he watched Stoney and Jada kiss and touch each other passionately. Suddenly, Jada’s eyes met Kayron‘s and she froze. Stoney looked at her confused until she turned around and finally noticed Kayron standing there. She jumped up and wiped at her mouth. “Oh shit what up K ummm I ummm, listen ---,” Kayron waved his gun stopping her explanation.

“Don’t even worry about it. I know Jade well enough to know this stays between us. I don’t know how long this has been going on. I do know this though, this shit can‘t happen again. So ya’ll better get it together,” he said with authority. Jada nodded her head as she frantically got herself together. “Your right and I’m sorry you had to see this.” Jada stood up and tightened her robe as she stared at Stoney, willing her to do something with her eyes. All Stoney could bring herself to say was, “Ima go and check on Jade.” She walked out of the room and closed the door. “Listen Kayron--,” Jada started but Kayron cut her sentence short. “It’s over with” he said as he took a seat on her bed. “Anyway, I tried calling you but I got your voice mail. I went to the court house and got the court order I need to legally change over my ID. You remember when I told you it would make things easier if I have it.”

Kayron stated with excitement. He was definitely in rare form so Jada smiled broadly as she walked over and gave him a hug. “I’m so proud of you K. I knew it would all work out for you. Go tell Jade and Stoney so we can all go out and celebrate. I’m going to get ready now, so tell Jade to get her ass out the bed. Now get out so I can go take my shower.” Kayron chuckled and got up. After one more hug they both walked out the room; Jada headed for the bathroom and Kayron went straight to Jade’s room. When Jada was ready they decided to go out and eat to celebrate Kayron’s news. Since Kayron was a vegetarian, they went to Atlas in midtown Manhattan. After they enjoyed their meal and talked for a while it was time to go. They were headed back upstate to Jade’s house but decided to stop and shop for the ball they were attending that night. It was Roxi Moulin’s ball who was a personal friend of Kayron.

He was very into the ball scene where as his friends were not. They were only going to support him because this would be his first time walking as a Trans-man. They shopped on Fifth Avenue then headed back to Jade’s house to change. Once everyone was dressed they piled into the truck and headed towards The Loft where the ball was being held. As they all walked inside, Kayron smiled because this was where he was most comfortable. Looking around the club, he spotted Roxi walking over to him and met her half way. They shared a tight hug as Roxi said, “I’m so glad you could make it! Right on time too. Come on I’ll show you guys to your table.” She acknowledged everyone before she turned around and walked towards all the tables along the runway. Roxi made sure they were all comfortable and walked away. Jade went to the bar to get everyone a drink except Kayron. He never drank before he walked a ball.

When everything started, Kayron excused himself and went to get ready for his category which was coming up. As soon as his category was called, he came out with only a pair of basketball shorts on. He received tens across the board and the crowd was in an uproar. Kayron was 6’ 2” 185 lbs with a very dark complexion and a bald head. His vigorous gym work outs showed through his physique. His body looked as if someone sculpted it with a chisel and hammer. He stood their flexing every muscle for all the ladies to enjoy. There was one other contender who couldn’t measure up to Kayron so it was no competition and he sat him down quickly. After Kayron won and received his trophy, he went to the back to change. As he was walking back to the table, he heard Jade ask Jada and Stoney why they were acting so weird. Jade saw Kayron walking up and was the first to stand up. “I got some business to handle so we gotta get outta here.

Good look on the win though K,” she said as she gave him dap. He saw Roxi standing by the bar and went to tell her goodbye. When he reached her, she told him how proud she wasof him. They exchanged a few pleasantries then parted ways. Soon they were all back in the truck and headed upstate. The whole drive consisted of them talking about all the people who walked that night. When they got to the front of the house Kayron and Stoney got out first and walked towards the front door. Jada stayed behind to say goodbye to her sister. The first thing Kayron did when they were at the door was push Stoney. “What the hell you pushing me for?” Stoney asked. Kayron shook his head as Jada walked up and opened the door. “I‘m glad yall could come out tonight. I gotta go so imma holla at yall lata,” Kayron stated as he pushed Stoney again and gave Jada a hug.

Jada said goodbye while Stoney walked in the house. She watched Kayron walk to his car, get in and drive away. After she closed the door, she turned towards Stoney who was sitting on the couch staring at her. She started walking towards her room when Stoney started talking. “Look about what happened earlier…” she said as she got up and walked towards Jada. Jada put up both her hands and cut her short. “Let‘s not even go there Stoney. It was a mistake and it won’t happen again. It’s only gonna make things worse.” Stoney looked down at Jada’s hands and didn’t say anything for a few seconds. She took a step back and looked Jada straight in her eyes. “Your right,” she said with defeat. “We can’t let it happen again.”



  1. hey sis I love it. jus a minor detail 2nd paragraph last sentence...change it from "Kayron waved her gun stopping her explanation" to "Kayron waved HIS gun stopping her explanation" ... I LOVE IT...LOVE U

  2. they are soooooo gonna let it happen hope so!