Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chapter 9 "On To The Next One" PART 2

Jade slammed her fists against the steering wheel and watched as Billie walked up his steps and inside of the house. “What the fuck just happened?” Stoney yelled. Kayron just shook his head. “I don’t know. I never make mistakes when it comes to my explosives.” Kayron turned the detonator over in his hands and looked up at Jade. “Something happened on the other end.” Jade took a few deep breathes before she said anything. “We have to take care of this situation tonight,” she said quietly. “We’re gonna have to go on to Plan B.” Stoney and Kayron looked at each other. “Plan B? What is plan B?” Stoney asked. Jade pulled out her gun and cocked it. “We gonna have to take care of it the old fashioned way.” Looking up at Stoney and Kayron, Jade could see the cold look flood into their eyes; they were ready for war. They all got out of the car and went straight to the trunk.

“Me and Stoney are gonna go in and take care of Billie. Kayron, you go straight to the basement and fill these two duffel bags wit as much bread as you can. Make sure you take it straight to the crib,” Jade directed as she handed Kayron two empty bags and the key to the basement. Jade grabbed the duffel bag that contained the guns and opened it. She grabbed a two .44 Magnum Desert Eagles and checked the clip as Stoney grabbed a AK-47 with the extended clip. Each grabbed extra clips for their guns and stuffed them in their pockets. “Grab as many clips as you can. We’re going in there blind and don’t know what to expect. Luckily, we have the element of surprise on our side,” Jade stated as she stuffed another clip into her pocket. Kayron reached over and grabbed a .45 and placed it in the waist band at the small of his back. They double checked to make sure they had everything, then Stoney closed the trunk and they turned towards the house.

“Time to get to work.” Looking both ways, they crept silently across the street. Jade made eye contact with Kayron and pointed in the direction of the basement door. He acknowledged her direction and took off in route of the basement. They had cased out the house before the job so they knew the key points of all the exits. Jade and Stoney continued towards the front door. Each of them stood on opposite sides of the door and took the safety off their guns. Stoney took out her lock pit set and went to work. As she picked the lock she thought how silly Billie was for his lack of security. Once the lock was popped she signaled Jade letting her know it was time. Facing the door, she took a few steps back and kicked it in. Running inside, they immediately noticed two men jump up from the living room couch and draw guns. Billie, who was also in the living room, sitting in a chair, stood up in a state of shock.

He noticed his men had their weapons drawn so he calmed down. As he came face to face with his killers he started to speak. “Un fucking believable. I never thought two bitches would be bold enough to come after me. Are you the two who placed the bomb under my car?” he asked, smiling broadly. Jade and Stoney glanced at each other but kept their guns steady as Billie walked around his two guards. “Don’t look so surprised. I have my car checked before I enter it everyday.” Nobody said a word, so Billie continued talking. “I’m impressed, who would have thought two bitches would be cold hearted enough to enter in this kind of bus--,” Billie was cut off by the sound of the AK-47 ripping through one of his bodyguards. The other guard immediately started firing back so Stoney and Jade had to take cover behind a wall.

Billie was caught off guard and fumbled with his gun. When he finally got it out, he started shooting wildly as he ran for the stairs. Jade watched as he climbed the stairs, blindly shooting behind himself. Jade stayed behind the wall until the guard stopped shooting. When a few seconds went by, she knew he had to be reloading so she stepped out, took aim and shot him in the neck. The guard dropped his gun and reach for the hole in his neck that was gushing blood. He dropped to the floor and didn’t get back up again. Stoney didn’t even wait for him to drop to the ground before she was on her way up the stairs. Jade was right behind her as Stoney rounded the corner on the stairs. They had to search through each room to find out where Billie went and it wasn’t long before Stoney signaled to Jade that she found the room. Entering what they assumed was Billie’s office, they saw a part of the wall opened up into some kind of escape passage. Without hesitation, they entered the passageway and hurried after him. Before they reached the end of the passage, they heard a single shot go off.

They both stopped, looked at each other and ran the rest of the way. When they got to the end, they noticed that they were in the basement and saw Billie on the floor with a bullet hole in between his eyes. Kayron stood over Billie’s body with his gun still in hand. He looked up to find the amused eyes of his partners on him and smirked. He then lifted up an empty duffle bag. “I think we have enough time to fill up one more time,” he said indifferently. Jade laughed while Stoney stepped over Billie’s body and clapped Kayron on his shoulder. “That’s why we love you man,” she told him.


  1. What's good with the next chapter Ms? I'd love to hear the rest of the story.

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